Fire and Life

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. Thing is, there's no stopping it. My life. My power. My friends. My family. They want to take it all, and yet, they can never quiet get rid of me. Not completely. There's always another me. Because I, am Hikari Bluewater. Life of the forest.

*Story not written by me, written by one of my Best Friends who lives three blocks away, she cant make an account so im publishing it for her.*


4. Hunting.

Hikari's Pov
-One and a half hours later of walking-

When I got home after dropping the boy off in the village, I realized I hadn't eaten in days. I grabbed my bow, along with my quiver of arrows and headed out to my favorite hunting spot. Once I arrived I climbed a small yet tall tree and waited for some game to come by.

As I waited I noticed a small group of about three girls about my age, hunting. I climbed down out of my tree and started walking silently towards the clearing they were in, already having vines coming out of my hands. I quickly rapped vines around their ankles and pulled, making them end up upside down.

I stalked out of the trees and glared at them, they looked terrified. It was hilarious, like you should have seen their faces! But, I have to keep a straight face. I walked up and took the weapons that they had before commanding, "Start talking." They didn't say a word. Sad. I haven't interrogated anyone lately.

I cut their feet loose, making them fall three feet to the ground. "Scram." I hissed at them. They scattered. I then walked around my territory, making sure they had left. While I was walking along my border that I shared with Helaku, I saw her shooting fire at her house. What the hell is she doing!?

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