Fire and Life

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. Thing is, there's no stopping it. My life. My power. My friends. My family. They want to take it all, and yet, they can never quiet get rid of me. Not completely. There's always another me. Because I, am Hikari Bluewater. Life of the forest.

*Story not written by me, written by one of my Best Friends who lives three blocks away, she cant make an account so im publishing it for her.*


5. Author's Note

Okay, I haven't been on Movellas much because I've been to developed in my wattpad account. So, I', planning on moving most if not all of my movellas onto wattpad. I'm under the same user name if you want to find me on there. My movellas will still be here but I won't be updating anymore, I may continue my co-authored books but it's not highly likely. Anyways, sry again. ilya Also, on wattpad is the REAL writer of this book, H1hikari she is one of my best friends so she'd been writing this and I'd published it for her. Go check her out if ur on wattpad!


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