Twist Of Fate

This didn't take place on a teenager, nor in the summer holiday, neither on a popstar.

Kathy Hammerfield is the CEO of firm. She is in charged of everything of the company and also, single.

Harry Styles, on the other hand, is the top designer of the firm. He is an extremely player, and never has a proper girlfriend before.

But all these have to change, when both their parents want a grandchild.


3. Fixing The Car

Kathy's POV


It was a rainy day.


I ran into my car by my fastest pace to avoid the rain, but still couldn't be very quick with my tight pencil skirt and 4 inches high heels.


I inserted the car keys. The car gurgled a bit but refused to go. I groaned and murmured, "Shit."


I got out of the grumpy piece of crap and kicked it hardly. However, what I got back as a return was just a killing pain and a bruise on my toes.


"Ouch! Fuck it!" I screamed out a little bit.


"Need some help?" said a British accent.


I looked up and saw a tall man standing there, with an umbrella.


"Hi Harry."


"Do you need me that?" he stammered. He must be really nervous to talk to his boss.


"What do you think?" I asked and put by hands on my hips.


He blinked a few times and handed me the umbrella. He started to fix the car, and he seemed to know it very well.


Some moments later, he got up with dirty hands and face covered with rain droplets.


"Phew. There you go."


"Thanks." I returned him the umbrella and got into the car. I tried to start it up, and it worked.


"I gotta go. You have helped me with my car but your salary will stay unchanged. Understand?" I explained.


He blinked a few times and looked so confused. "Y…yes."


I pulled away quickly but still managed to say,"Have a happy weekend."


He smiled back to me,"Sure."



So here's chapter one! What do you guys think? Should I continue or I should delete it? Comment below :)

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