Twist Of Fate

This didn't take place on a teenager, nor in the summer holiday, neither on a popstar.

Kathy Hammerfield is the CEO of firm. She is in charged of everything of the company and also, single.

Harry Styles, on the other hand, is the top designer of the firm. He is an extremely player, and never has a proper girlfriend before.

But all these have to change, when both their parents want a grandchild.


4. Family Reunion

Kathy's POV


I finally arrived.


I parked my car into the garage and walked into the pretty house. The people were waiting for me there.


I knocked on the door. Who answered was a old lady with white and grey curly hair.


"Hi Grammie." I hugged my grandma.


"Hello sweetie. How is it going?" she hugged me back.


"All is well." I answered.


Grammie led me into the living room. I smiled. All my lovely relatives are here.


"Mom! I missed you so much." I walked up to hug my mother.


"Me too honey." she kissed my cheeks.


Sitting on the sofa were my dad, my sister Jay Jay, Aunty Gabrielle, Uncle William and...a mystery boy I don't know.


Oh yeah, I missed Cousin Pooma, ah no, Prima accidentally.


Fine... I missed her on purpose.


Pooma must be the worst person I have ever seen. She works in my company, not because she has the talent, but because she is my cousin. She is late from work every day, and she keeps on absenting from work. Every lunch time she will be the latest to return from work. The worst of all, she has done nothing for our company. She has been here for 5 years. But she gave nothing, did nothing or even said nothing for I really wanna fire her, but each time I give her the warning letter, Aunty Gabrielle and Uncle William will beg me to take it back. She really gets on my nerves.


That's not the only thing. Pooma is a total slut. Once I went clubbing with her, she quickly went home with a man. Everytime she goes out with me to have dinner with some clients, she will hook up with one of them and do something I don't wanna know.


My thoughts were interrupted when Jay Jay introduced me her 'most updated boyfriend', or 'MUB' for short.


"This is Dennis, my boyfriend." she informed me.


Oh gosh, this has been the third Dennis she has dated! It seems like everytime I came home she is having a new boyfriend.


I pulled Jay Jay to a quiet corner and whispered, "Have you slept with him yet?"


She gave me a serious face,"We didn't have sex."


I sighed in relieved.


"We made love!" she squealed excitedly.


I nearly fainted.


"Let's stop talking about me and talk about you. Are you still single?"


I gave her a questioned look.


"Oh no...Kathy you are still single, aren't you?"


I shrugged.


"Listen Kathy you must get a boyfriend. You look terrible."


"What?!" I was totally unpleased.


"You look all dried up and tired from work. If you got love it will be totally different. I am planning on a speed dating and surely you must come."


Oh no not again...


"I don't think I can come..."


"Kathy you must come! You are nearly 30 now, and you are still single!"

"But Jay Jay I'm only twenty..."


"Shush Kathy Shush. I must get you a boyfriend. Just shut up and come, ok?"


How could I reject Jay Jay? She never let the others talk... I nodded in response.


"Good girl. I will text you all the deeds."


No words, but I just sighed.


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