Twist Of Fate

This didn't take place on a teenager, nor in the summer holiday, neither on a popstar.

Kathy Hammerfield is the CEO of firm. She is in charged of everything of the company and also, single.

Harry Styles, on the other hand, is the top designer of the firm. He is an extremely player, and never has a proper girlfriend before.

But all these have to change, when both their parents want a grandchild.


2. Cast

Here are the characters:


Katy Perry                 as           Kathy Hammerfiled

Harry Styles              as           himself

Niall Horan                as           himself

Liam Payne               as           himself

Louis Tomlinson        as           himself

Zayn Malik                 as           himself

Vanessa Hudgens     as           Jay Jay Hammerfield

Logan Lerman           as           Coven Root

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