Adopted By One Direction

Meet Shay a typical 21 year old who lives in an orphan home since she was 7. She was abused untill she was 7 when she ran away and ended up at Sunnyside Acres Foster Home. She thought she'd be stuck there forever untill her idols/heroes come and adopt her. Btw she self-harms. But can Louis Tomlinson get her to stop? You have to read to find out.


1. Meet Shay.

Name: Shay Marie Anderson


Personality:Friendly/brave/punkish/edgy/outgoing/sweet/ and smart.

Birthday:December 24 1991

Hair and eye color: Blonde and Blue

Style: ------------------------>

Hobbies:Singing/dancing/acting/drawing/and writing.

Best friend: Felecia Grace Haven.

Favorite animal:Cats.

Favorite colors:Hot pink/purple/teal and grey. 

Job:Works at a music store. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Meet Felecia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name :  FeliciaGrace Haven


Personality:Fun/upbeat/quirky/and joyful.

Birthday:May 22nd

Hair and Eye Colour: Light Blond and Light Blue (a/n that is the closes i could find)


Hobbies:Writing/cooking/drawing and art.

Best friend: Shay Marie Anderson.

Favourite animal: Leopard and peacock.

Favourite colours: Pink/green/lavender/and baby blue. 

Job: Nandos'


Okay so now you've met  Shay and her best friend Felicia. They go to school together and each live in the orphanage. They do get separated than reunite. Next chapter we'll get into one direction adopting Shay. -Emma_Tomlinson13

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