Adopted By One Direction

Meet Shay a typical 21 year old who lives in an orphan home since she was 7. She was abused untill she was 7 when she ran away and ended up at Sunnyside Acres Foster Home. She thought she'd be stuck there forever untill her idols/heroes come and adopt her. Btw she self-harms. But can Louis Tomlinson get her to stop? You have to read to find out.


3. Going home with One Direction!!

Shay's POV 

The foster home boss Shelia walked over to me. "Well I finally get to git rid of your fugly ass". Shelia whispered to me. "Awee I'm not gonna miss you bitch". I whispered back. She hugged me so it wouldn't look like we hated each other even tho we had a deep hatred and it has been there from the start. "Hello love". Louis said to me. "Hello Louis. How are you?". I asked. "Good Shay. How are you?".He replied. "Excited. I finally get to leave this hell hole". I said. I could tell I shocked Louis but I could also tell that he enjoyed my personality and my language. I caught him staring at me a couple of times but he caught me doing the same thing. I kinda think that Louis had a crush on me. I mean that would be fine I have like the biggest crush on him ever so not the worst thing. "So, I am the one who is now your legal father". Said Zayn. "Awesome, so do I call you Zayn or Dad?". I asked. "You can call me Zayn, I mean you are a year older than me". Zayn said while laughing. "Okay awesome". I said. "You look like you need some new clothes.  Let's go shopping". Harry said. 

Louis POV. 

So I realized after talking to Shay that I was really into her. I think that I was falling for her. I didn't quite know if I wanted to like her or not. I mean I do have a girlfriend but I don't really like being with Claire anymore. I'm planning now to break up with her later because the connection just is not there any more. We all left the foster home after Shay got  her stuff, the only stuff that she had was what she was wearing, her phone, a couple CD'S and a beautiful locket. I noticed that she was wearing the locket. It had to of been something special. I mean she had to of been extremely close to it or someone in it. "Where are we going Louis?", Shay asked. "We're going to get you some clothes". "Say Shay, what's in that locket?". I asked. "Well, it's my old best friend Felecia. We used to be in the same foster home but she got adopted and I haven't seen her since then.I really missed her. She said while wiping away a tear. It's okay. Do you need a hug? I said while rubbing her shoulder to try to cheer her up. Yeah I need a hug. Thanks Louis. She said while I wrapped my arms around her hugging her.

Zayn's POV

We we're in the car going to the mall and Liam was driving. I looked back and saw Louis and Shay talking and I saw her start to cry and then Louis hugged her. It had to of made her feel better considering that after they we're done hugging. She smiled I could tell that she was really into Louis and he was really into her. I was happy for Lou I mean I hate Claire she's such a fake. She's had so much plastic surgery that she could be a barbie. But I guess that she made Louis happy so I couldn't judge.  

Shay's POV. 

So we arrived at the mall and it was huge! It was such a gorgeous mall. I couldn't believe I was here. "Go ahead guys me and Shay will catch up with you". Louis said. "So, why are we staying behind?", I asked. "I was thinking while we we're driving here that I really like you. I have a girl friend but i'm planning on breaking up with her tonight. I was wondering that if after we're over will you be my girl friend?", He said. After he finished I was literally shaking and I started blushing because of what he said. " do I know that we're good together?". I questioned. "Kiss me". Louis said. I didn't question it I just leaned in and kissed him. It got quite passionate before Louis broke it off. "So?", He said. "Yes! I'll be your girlfriend but you have break up with Claire tonight!" I said. "Okay, okay consider it done". Louis said right before kissing me. We stopped kissing and went inside. We met the rest of the boys in this store called Teen Boutique. There was such beautiful clothes. Harry had picked some dresses out for me to try on. Even though I told him I hated dresses. I got all the dresses and a bunch of shorts, shirts, jeans, and shoes. There is everything I got. ----->

All of those will look great on you. The sales women said. Thank you so much. I replied. They really will Babe. Louis said while kissing me. Thanks love. I replied. I got some more clothes but I put them on right away. I got dressed into that. ------------>

"Hey, babe why do you have so many scars on your arm?", Louis asked looking worried. "Um....I was going to wait awhile before I told you this but......I was physically abused untill I was seven. My mom would cut my arms, kick me, punch me and throw me down the stairs. When I turned seven I ran away from home. Some of the scars are from her. Most are from me....I self harm a lot". I said looking at the ground. "Promise me that you'll stop!", Louis says while putting his arm around me. "I'm trying baby it's just real hard". I said. "Thanks". Louis said while kissing me. We walked back to the car and Louis opened the door for me. God, he's so sweet I'm so lucky to have him. We got home and we put all the bags down. The house was fucking amazing! I couldn't believe I lived here. I was super happy. New clothes, new house, new family,and a new boyfriend. How could it get any better? "Okay Louis will give you the grand tour okay Shay?" Zayn asked. "Okay!" I said.  

Living room >

Screening room. >

Zayn's room. >

Liam's room. >

Niall's room. >

Harry's room. >

Louis room. >

Shay's room. >

I loved my new room! "Hey babe you hungry? Dinners ready". Louis said. "Nope i'm not hungry honey. I'm going to bed. Night". I said while kissing Louis on the lips. "Oh by the way Zayn, can we go get my hair dyed tomorrow?", I asked. "Sure! What color?", He replied. "I don't know right now. I'll decide before we go tomorrow". I said. Goodnight guys!". I yelled while running upstairs. "Goodnight!", They all yelled back. I went upstairs and hopped into the shower. I got out of the shower and got into my pajamas. My pajamas. >

I fell asleep and was sleeping untill a little after 1 Am because Louis woke me up because he wanted to come in and cuddle. I softly pecked me on the lips before I fell back asleep. 


A/N I hope you like the update. I know I haven't updated in a long long time. But I hope you like the new chapter. Comment if you want to be my co-writer. ~Emily.

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