Adopted By One Direction

Meet Shay a typical 21 year old who lives in an orphan home since she was 7. She was abused untill she was 7 when she ran away and ended up at Sunnyside Acres Foster Home. She thought she'd be stuck there forever untill her idols/heroes come and adopt her. Btw she self-harms. But can Louis Tomlinson get her to stop? You have to read to find out.


2. Getting adopted.

Zayn's POV

So I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I picked up my phone and it was Simon calling. Me: Hello

Simon:Hello Zayn. I have some news for you to pass onto the boys.

Me: Okay. Can I just say I'm sorry for not being so careful last night at the bar. We shouldn't even of been out.

Simon:That's what I was actually going to talk to you about. I think you and the boys are very responsible and I would like for you to adopt a kid.

Me: A kid?!

Simon:Yes a child. Age doesn't matter. Goodbye.


I got up and went into my bathroom and hopped in the shower. After I got out I got dressed and I did my hair. I went downstairs and I smelled Niall cooking breakfast he was one of the greatest cooks i've ever known.  Hey boys! Simon want's us to adopt a child. I said. Okay well after breakfast lets go down to the foster home. Liam said. I sat down to eat and we all left the house. 

Shay's POV. 

So I woke up about eight a'clock in the morning which is good because I was supposed to be up at eight. I got up took a shower and I got dressed into this > 

I went downstairs and I ate a muffin. Then I got a glass of water and I went to clean around the foster home. Because I'm 22 I need clean up and make sure all the kids are awake when potential adopters come at 9 a'clock in the morning. So after I was done cleaning I went into my room. Hey Sarah do you think you could go wake up the other children I need to change? I asked. Yeah sure. I hope you get adopted bitch. She said while leaving the room. I hate her so much and she hates me also. I just don't know why she hates me. I went into my closet and picked out my clothes. They had to be fancy so people would want to adopt me. I got dressed into this > 

I know it isn't the greatest outfit ever but for a foster child it's pretty good. I went downstairs and there was all the children lined up and I got in line by the 22 year old's. We stood there for a few minutes before anyone actually came inside. After awhile these five boys came inside it took me awhile to recognize who there actually were. OH MY GOD IT'S ONE DIRECTION! I'm so in love with them mainly Louis but yeah. They were walking around and looking at all of the children. Finally they stopped at me. 

Niall's POV

So we were walking around the orphanage and I saw this 22 year old girl with blond hair. I knew I wanted to adopt her I also knew that Louis had a crush on her I could tell by the way he looked at her. I wanted to adopt her. We all walked over to her. "Hello darling. What's your name?". I asked. "Shay". She replied. "How old are you?". Louis asked. "I'm 22". She said. After that we walked over and started talking to the foster home boss. She said "we could adopt her and it would be cheap".

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