Adopted By One Direction

Meet Shay a typical 21 year old who lives in an orphan home since she was 7. She was abused untill she was 7 when she ran away and ended up at Sunnyside Acres Foster Home. She thought she'd be stuck there forever untill her idols/heroes come and adopt her. Btw she self-harms. But can Louis Tomlinson get her to stop? You have to read to find out.


4. A/N Not a chapter!!!!!!

Hey guys, it's Emma_tomlinson13 here. I was updating my story earlier but my computer was being a but so I had to restart my lap top. So everything that I had written got deleted. I was really excited for this chapter but it got deleted. I'm really sorry but I will tell you a little bit about the next chapter. I also decided that i'm going to write my story in italic now I like it better. Here's your little sneak peak of the next chapter.

Sneak peak: Okay so Shay get's her hair dyed blue. At the hair salon she reunites with her old best friend Felecia Grace Haven. Only to find out that Niall and Felecia we're dating for three months. Zayn bought Shay a white chevorlet camaro. Okay I hope you liked the little sneak peak at chapter four. I'm real excited for it actually.


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