Adopted By One Direction

Meet Shay a typical 21 year old who lives in an orphan home since she was 7. She was abused untill she was 7 when she ran away and ended up at Sunnyside Acres Foster Home. She thought she'd be stuck there forever untill her idols/heroes come and adopt her. Btw she self-harms. But can Louis Tomlinson get her to stop? You have to read to find out.


5. A/N Again. Sorry!

Alright guys, i've got some bad news for you. The news is that I can't update for awhile. I will update as soon as I possibly can. But I need someone who can help me co-write so comment if you can help me write and if you can update regularly. Then you can be the co-writer. Again, sorry about this. I know it's hard.


Love you, ~Emma~

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