Raging Wars

Find out! Just read below!


1. Join the packs??!!?? Yes please!

Hey ya'll! I've got two packs that I need filled! I'll tell you the Alphas of the two... They're brothers and hate each other.


Name: Shadow

Fur: Pitch Black

Eyes: Blue

Markings: No fur markings but has claw scars on his left shoulder

Personality: He's kind and loving and hates fighting unless he has to. He's protective and good with words. 

Other: He just got "voted" to Alpha just this summer. He doesn't have any pups yet because he doesn't have a female Alpha. His younger sister is a rogue in his pack.





Name: Marco

Fur: White as can be

Eyes: Blue

Markings: He's got a scar across his muzzle.

Personality: He's always ready to fight. He's mean and doesn't mind putting someone down. He is a player of sorts. He never wants to settle because the girl of his dreams was killed. 

Other: He left his brother's pack after not getting Alpha.





SSOOOO if ya'll wanna be in this story just follow the forms up there, and tell me which pack ou wanna be in and what position.

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