Raging Wars

Find out! Just read below!


2. Characters! (Will be updated each time I get a New Character)

Shadow's Pack


Shadow of course. 


Shadow's and Marco's little sister (who's another one of my characters)


Name: Peace

Fur: Black and white swirls (kinds looks like a ying yang)

Eyes: Blue

Markings: She's missing the tip of her left ear

Personality: She's got both of her brother's personality traits. 

Other: She doesn't realy involve herself with her brothers but follows Shadow more than Marco


Name: Crystal Summers
Fur: Snow White
Eyes: Crystal blue
Markings: Small black star on left foot
Personality: Wuiet, mysterious, sharp, clever, cool, lonely
Other: My family abondoned me when I was young and I've survived on my own

Position: Shadow's Mate



Name: Jessica
Fur: Blacker than the darkest night
Eyes: Dark blue
Markings: Scar across my left eyes
Personality: A lone wolf, I trust no one, a fighter, I have yet to be loved, no family, no soul... It takes along time for me to put my faith in others
Other: I have always roamed the woods alone...

Position: Shadow's and Marco's long lost triplet sister




Marco's Pack


Marco obviously


Fur: Blonde with Dark blonde stripes
Eyes: Hazel
Markings: 3 claw scars on stomach (only visible when i roll over)
Personality: bass ass, I don't trust people to fast but when I do we are close, speaks the truth, smart, and a pretty good fight 
Other: None

Position: Marco's mate

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