Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


9. Chapter 9

            Hollis had been doing quite well in her attempts to be a good wife, during the school year the girls stayed with her mum. Hollis had only slept with Remus three times and Lucius four times in the past two months, and she hadn’t gone near a muggle drug, she was quite proud of herself, which was pretty pathetic. Hollis was sitting in the living room when a house elf popped in holding a letter, he handed it to her and popped away, Hollis opened it “Holly, please stay over at the manor this weekend, just you not Severus, I miss you –Narcissa”. Hollis smiled “I will be there as soon as I can –Hollis” she wrote, she walked up to the owlry and tied the letter to an owl and sent it off to Narcissa. Hollis walked back down to the living room, Snape was sitting at the dining room table drinking a coffee “hi, Narcissa invited me over for the weekend, is that okay” Hollis asked, Snape smiled “yes, have fun” he said. Hollis stood behind him and started massaging his shoulders “what's wrong” she asked, he sighed “you have quite the fan club” he said, Hollis laughed “excuse me?” she said.

            Hollis sat down across from him “a fan club” she said, Snape looked at her “yes, Mr. Potter, Mr. Crabbe, Mr. Goyle, Mr. Zabini, Mr. Raze, the list goes on” he said. Hollis smiled “what?” she said “they talk about you all class, and when I asked Mr. Zabini what he was talking about he said ‘your luscious wife’” he said. Hollis laughed “Zabini, really” she said, Snape looked very serious “yes, Potter and Goyle were talking about a steamy dream Potter had had about you” Hollis was laughing uncontrollably “details?” Hollis asked. Snape rolled his eyes “something along the lines of ‘feeling you up’” he said, Hollis sighed “kids” she said, she kissed him on the head “Lucky you, you don’t have to dream of feeling me up, you really can” she said. He stood up and kissed her “whiskey” he said, Hollis sighed and nodded but kept kissing him, they walked into the bedroom “I love you” he said. Hollis smiled “I love you too” she said, she pulled her shirt over her head “I really fucking love you” he said, Hollis laughed and kissed him “you better” she said.

            There was knock on the bedroom door “who is it?” Hollis yelled “Albus Dumbledore” the man behind the door yelled. Hollis wrapped herself in a blanket and opened the door “good evening Hollis, is Severus available?” he asked “Severus, it Dumbledore” Hollis yelled to Snape, Snape rolled his eyes. He got out of bed, got dressed and left with Dumbledore, Hollis lay back down on the bed “damn” she said, it was Friday and she was supposed to go to Narcissa's. Hollis got up, got dressed and packed a bag, she wrote a note to Snape reminding him where she was and left. She floo’d into Narcissa’s living room, Narcissa was sitting there with Lucius and Draco “hi” Hollis said happily, she dropped her bags and sat next to Lucius. Narcissa was glaring at her “so why did you want me to come over?” Hollis asked “we just missed you” Lucius said, Hollis blushed “yes, I missed you as well” she said.

            Narcissa and Lucius went somewhere together leaving Draco and Hollis alone together “listen you little fuckwit, give me the drugs and your parents need not know about any of this” Hollis said, Draco chuckled “how did you know?” he asked. Hollis sighed “I saw you, and don’t you ever give Ron, or his friends anything like that again, they are good kids” she said, Draco smirked “no, here is how it is going to go, I am going to keep the drugs, and hang out and give them to whoever I want and you are just going to deal with it” he said, Hollis pinched the bridge of her nose “and why would I do that?” Hollis asked. Draco laughed “because if you tell my parents I will tell your husband that you are sleeping with every man you meet” he said, Hollis was breathing heavily with anger “that’s not true” Hollis said, Draco rolled his eyes “fine you only sleep with married men, or men that it is extremely inappropriate to sleep with” he said. Draco glared at Hollis “like professor Lupin, or that Hufflepuff idiots father, or my father, who is also your sister’s husband” he said, Hollis slapped her hand over Draco’s mouth “if you say one word to anyone I will kill you, you little arse, you can keep the stupid drugs, once they are gone they are gone” she said.

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