Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


8. Chapter 8

            A few weeks passed with Hollis stalking Draco, she figured out that he and his friends were meeting in the tower every Sunday night. It was the fifth Sunday of term, Draco was handing out the pills, this time they had a bottle of fire whiskey as well, “I know a secret about your sister” Draco said to Ron. Ron frowned “Ginny?” he asked “No Aunt Hollis” he said, Ron smiled “what is it?” Ron asked, Draco laughed “she is cheating on Snape” he said. Ron, and the other friends with them laughed “I know” Ron said “Ginny told me she saw her kissing Diggory’s dad on Easter” Ron said. Harry frowned “you shouldn’t talk about her, she is our professor” he said, Ron and Draco punched him “shut up” Draco said, Hermione laughed “tell him what else we saw Ron, about his father” she said, Draco looked curiously at them “what about my father” he said.

            Hermione laughed “we saw professor Black and your father walk out of a bathroom together” she said, the group laughed, Draco chuckled “yeah, I found some letters hidden in my father’s study from her, she has quite the way with words” he said. Harry frowned “does your mum know?” he asked, Draco nodded “yeah, she found some clothing item of Hollis’ in the spare bedroom, the same bedroom where I got these” he said. Ron opened his eyes wide “wait so you think those were hers” he said, Draco smiled and nodded “mum called her a ‘crack whore’, she said it was a muggle term for someone who does drugs and sleeps around” he said “your mum said that to you” one boy said. Draco laughed “no she was talking to Aunt Molly, it was hilarious” he said “everyone knows about her, I am pretty sure Snape even knows” Hermione said.

            The next morning Hollis was teaching DADA with Remus, they assigned work and walked around looking over the student’s shoulders, they went and sat down at their desk. Hollis smiled and dropped her ink “oh Remus, help me” she said, Remus and Hollis both stuck their heads under the desk and started cleaning. Hollis put her hand on Remus’ chin and kissed him “we are teaching” Remus said, Hollis sighed “fine spoil sport” she said, he pulled her in and kissed her again “I was just warning you, I never said to stop” he said. Draco, Ron, Hermione, Harry, and the rest of the group all looked at each other “their sleeping together too” Ron mouthed, the class erupted in giggles. Hollis and Remus both stuck their heads up “back to work” Hollis said, she and Remus went back to working instead of kissing, Draco and Ron looked at each other and smiled “definitely sleeping together” Draco mouthed back.      

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