Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


7. Chapter 7

            Hollis and Remus snuck up to the astronomy tower after dinner, they knew it would be empty because there were no classes and students aren’t allowed out after dark, they didn’t want to go to their class because it would be too easy to find them if Snape got suspicious. They found an area of the tower that was hidden, it was a small area with a few desks and shelves, and there were no lights which made it a perfect spot. Hollis and Remus were mid-coitus when they heard voices, they froze and listened, it was Ron, Draco, Harry, Hermione and their other friends. They were all laughing “what did you want to show us?” Ron asked Draco, Hollis could see them through a tiny space in between a desk and a shelf, Draco was holding out a bag of pills, it was the same bag of pills Hollis had hid at Lucius’ house a few months ago.        

            Hermione looked furious “those aren’t muggle pills are they, because they are very dangerous” she said, Hollis rolled her eyes “I found them under the bed in one of the spare rooms” Draco said. Ron and Harry were smiling “those are bad Draco, you didn’t take any did you, my cousin did, he said they were amazing but my mum told me they were horrible things” Hermione said, Draco laughed “seriously mudblood calm down, I tried them and your cousin was right” Draco said, Hermione had just excepted that she would forever be called mudblood. Draco handed them each three “try them” he said, Hollis could see Ron take them, Remus put his hands over Hollis’ mouth so she wouldn’t yell at Ron, giving them away. The boys and Hermione sat in the astronomy tower for about an hour, talking, laughing, and being idiots, Hollis and Remus had to hold the same position and not move the whole time, it was very uncomfortable. Finally they left, Hollis stood up “I am going to kill Lucius, and then I am going to kill Draco, and then I am going to kill Ron” she said.

            The next day was classes, Hollis and Remus would teach some lessons together and some separate, today the decided to teach together. Hollis stood at the front of the class and Remus at the back “welcome to another wonderful year of DADA” Remus said, walking up to the front of the class “why is professor Lupin here?” a boy asked “we will be co-teaching this year” Hollis announced “they didn’t trust her to teach us by herself after last year” Draco said under his breath, everyone laughed. Hollis shot Draco an evil look, she was already furious with him “5 inches on why you feel the need to always be an arse. The reason we are co-teaching is because we find it works better for the both of us, and because I have children that I need to take care of” she said, they all nodded. Remus smirked “sorry” Draco said “yes well, I expect that done for tomorrow” Hollis replied, Draco moaned, Hollis bit her tongue she wanted to yell at him about what she had seen last night but knew she couldn’t “yes” she said.

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