Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


6. Chapter 6

            Hollis stood awkwardly staring at Snape with Remus right behind him “how is your chat with Remus?” Snape asked sarcastically, Hollis smiled “I was looking all over for you” Hollis said. Snape rolled his eyes “you may have wanted to check in his classroom” he said Hollis blushed “right” she said “that would have been a good place to start” she laughed. Snape smirked “yes well now you have found him so have a lovely chat I must go tend to a disaster in my classroom” he said. Hollis sighed when Snape had left “what did you want to talk about?” Remus asked, Hollis smiled “nothing, it was just a lie so I could get out for a while” she said “oh” Remus replied. Hollis looked curiously at Remus “what did you do?” she asked him, he laughed “shaved” he replied, Hollis stroked his chin “it’s very nice” she said. She kissed him, he put his hands on her waist, they kissed down the hall and walked into an empty classroom, he sat Hollis on a desk. Hollis jumped up “I am a good wife” she yelled and then ran out of the classroom.

            Today the students would be arriving, Hollis was only part-time DADA teacher, sharing the position with Remus. Hollis was not overly excited about the start of term, Ron and his friends were in their fifth year (they would have been in their sixth but they were held back because of certain events that happened) and Harry was still madly in love with Hollis. Hollis was more stressed during school days which would make her freak out and go on ‘trips’ more often. Hollis was happy about sharing the position with Remus, after many ‘I am sick I can’t teach’ days last year Hollis was assigned a co-teacher, and she was glad it was Remus. In some respects she was disappointed because having to work so closely with Remus, and her ‘interestingness’ would most likely derail her train to good wife town. Ginny knew that Hollis wasn’t faithful to Snape, she had caught Hollis and Amos Diggory (their father’s friend) kissing in a broom closet on Easter, and she had told all the other kids about it, so they knew as well. Ron and his annoying girlfriend Hermione had spent the next holiday spying on Hollis to make sure she wasn’t kissing someone, they had seen her walk out of the bathroom with Lucius, but that proved nothing.

            Hollis sat in between Snape and Remus at the staff table, Hollis looked down at her family, Ginny was talking to her friends and pointing up at Hollis, and then they would all laugh. Hollis shot Ginny and evil glare Ginny turned red and looked away, Hollis chuckled. Hollis looked over at Draco who was acting in his normal I-am-better-than-all-of-you way “he is just like his father, an annoying prat” Remus whispered “Lucius is a nice man” Hollis snapped. Remus laughed at her “okay, okay” he said, Hollis stuffed her mouth full of carrots ‘he looks really good with a nice shave’ she thought. She started playing footsies with him under the table, he smiled at her “I thought you were a good wife” he whispered “sometimes it’s just too hard” she said. She licked her spoon seductively “let’s talk about the lesson plan after dinner” she said, she looked at Snape “will that be okay, if me and Remus go over the lesson plan right after dinner?” she asked “I am not your keeper” he said sassily “right” Hollis said.    

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