Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


5. Chapter 5

            When Hollis got home it was around dinner time, Snape had only made himself a meal because he didn’t know when Hollis would be back. Hollis dropped her bag, kissed him on the head and made herself a snack “how was Wales?” he asked. Hollis smiled “lovely” she said, Snape sighed “and how is Andy?” he asked, Hollis took a bite of her toast “she’s okay” she said. Snape put his dishes in the sink and went to bed, he covered himself in the blankets, he was tearing, he had spoken to Andy the night before. Andy had told him that she hadn’t spoken to Hollis in at least two weeks, he called Narcissa to see if she knew where Hollis was but she had no idea, and neither did any of the Weasley's. Hollis came into the bedroom, took of her robes and lay down beside him, he turned his back to her “what’s wrong?” Hollis asked, Snape was full on crying “nothing” he said, Hollis tried to snuggle him but he shook her off. She stood up “what the hell is up with you?” she asked, he sat up “I told you, I am fine” he snapped, Hollis frowned at him “no come on, what’s wrong?” she asked. He stood up and grabbed a blanket and a pillow “I will be on the couch, have a lovely sleep” he said, Hollis watched him leave ‘he couldn’t know where I really was’ she thought, she shook her head ‘no’ she thought, she got into bed and fell asleep.

            Hollis walked into the kitchen to find the kids playing nicely in the living room and Snape sitting at the table with a breakfast in front of him and a breakfast across the table for her. She smiled and sat down across from him “good morning” he said “morning” Hollis replied, she took a large drink of her coffee “I am sorry for yelling yesterday” he said. Hollis looked at him, he was so sweet “that’s fine” she said, she reached her hand across the table and put it on his “I have to go talk to Remus” Hollis said, Snape sighed “yes” he said. Hollis put her dishes in the sink and ran into the bedroom and got dressed, she walked out in her heaviest robes “bye” she said. She ran through the castle and down to the lake, she took two bags of muggle drugs out of her pocket. She emptied them into her hands and threw them into the lake, she sat down, she was crying “fuck” she said. she waved her hand around in the water hoping Fasia would be able to tell it was her and come up to talk.

            Fasia’s head bobbed out of the water “Hollis” she said, Hollis started crying “maybe I should just give up, avada kedavra myself” Hollis said. Fasia reached out and held Hollis’ hands “You must admit your wrongs before you can move ahead” she said, Hollis put her hand on her head “you know I can’t do that, it would ruin everything” Hollis said. Fasia nodded her head “he knows that you are lying to him, he will find out” she said, Hollis wiped her eyes “how does he know?” Hollis asked. Fasia frowned “you are not good at hiding your secrets, and he is a smart man” she said, Hollis sighed “do you think I should just tell him, tell him everything” Hollis said, Fasia nodded “go and tell him, tell him what you have done and how you feel” she said. Hollis slowly nodded, she walked up to the castle crying ‘wait, I don’t have to tell him’ she thought, she nodded ‘I don’t have to tell him’. She turned the corner and bumped into Snape “hi” Hollis said.     


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