Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


4. Chapter 4

                Hollis and Lucius walked in to a small shop across from the restaurant, it was full of muggles dressed in odd clothing “hey” one of the muggles said to them. Hollis smiled “I am looking for a bong” she said, the muggle smiled at her “over here” he said, there were shelves and shelves of them, Lucius examined them “I like this one” he said pointing to a green one with a black pattern on it. Hollis walked over and picked it up “okay” she said, they walked up to the counter and paid for it “come again” the muggle yelled as they left. They went back to the hogshead “show me how to use this muggle device” he said, Hollis smiled, she opened the bag and put some of the ‘grass’ into the little tray on the bong, she poured some water in it and then waved her wand lighting it. Lucius stared at the bong “it is like a potion” he said, Hollis took a toke, and blew the smoke into Lucius face, he coughed “your turn” she said, Lucius looked hesitant but did as she said, it took him a few times before he could do it without choking his brains out. Hollis kissed his cheek “what do you think?” she asked, he looked blankly at her “yeah” he said.

            Lucius picked up Hollis and threw her down onto the bed, he lay down next to her “I like muggles” he said, Hollis laughed “you like muggles?” she said. He sat up and looked at her “yeah, they aren’t as pathetic and disgusting as I thought” he said, he lay back down and wrapped his arm around Hollis “you are the best person I know” he said. Hollis laughed “what about your wife?” she said, Lucius put his head on her chest “she wouldn’t be my wife if I had met you first” he said. Hollis looked at him, she stroked his hair “how do you get your hair so clean and soft?” she asked “shampoo” he said, Hollis laughed “I must get Severus some of that” she said, he laughed back “yes, I don’t know how he keeps it so greasy” she said. They both started laughing like idiots “you are so calm” Lucius said, Hollis smiled at him “Narcissa is always complaining, making me care for our little fuckwit son, making me go out to dinner with her, forcing me to…” Hollis put her finger on his lips “shut up and kiss me fuckwit” she said.

            Hollis and Lucius spent the next day just hanging out in their room talking about their problems, and other things friends talk about. They went and walked around muggle London, looking through all the muggle shops, Lucius bought Hollis a bunch of clothing in a shop that Hollis seemed to love. Hollis loved being with Lucius, he made her feel like a queen, he bought her things, and took her out to the fanciest places, she loved Lucius, but as a friend. They went back to the hogshead and packed their things “where did you tell Narcissa you were this time?” Hollis asked, Lucius smiled at her “work trip, what about Severus?” he said Hollis laughed “Wales with Andy” she said, he kissed her head “until next time” he said, Hollis kissed him back “good bye Lucy” she replied.

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