Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


3. Chapter 3

                Hollis waited until the girls were in bed before telling Snape that she was going on a ‘trip with her sister Andy’, Snape walked in to the living room and closed the door silently behind him. He looked tired, Hollis kissed his forehead “Andy asked me if I wanted to go with her on a small trip to Wales, can I go?” she asked, Snape sighed “yes I suppose” he said, Hollis hugged him and got her stuff “I am leaving now” she said. Snape watched her walk away into the bedroom to get her stuff, he knew she wasn’t going on a trip with Andy, he knew she was doing something secretive, he didn’t want to think about it so he just let it go. Hollis came back out dressed in her best robes and a suitcase in her hand, she kissed his cheek and left, Snape sat down on the couch and looked at the wall, he had tears in his eyes “love you” he said weakly. He went and got a drink from the kitchen, he stopped at the fridge and looked at the pictures all over it, pictures their daughters drew, pictures of them on the girls first birthday, pictures of them at their wedding, he picked up the picture of them at their wedding. He smiled, she looked so happy, he hadn't seen her look that way in over a year, a single tear rolled down his cheek, it dropped onto the photo, he started crying uncontrollably which was extremely rare for him ‘what happened’ he thought ‘what went wrong’.

                Hollis apperated into the Hogshead, and got a drink of whiskey, she took two pills out of her box and drank them down with the whiskey. A man with blonde hair walked through the door and sat down across from her “Hollis” he said “Lucy” she replied, Hollis stood up and pulled him up the stairs. She threw her bags in the corner and flopped down on the bed “you are my only friend” she said, Lucius smiled and sat down next to her “odd friendship this is” he said, Hollis punched him “shut up” she said. She took the box out of her pocket and gave Lucius two pills, he looked confused “take them” Hollis said “you will like them” she said, Lucius swallowed the pills. Ten minutes went by in silence “I feel invincible” he said, Hollis smiled “yes, that is what they are for” she said, she grabbed his robes and kissed his neck “don’t say muggles are useless” she said, he pulled her head off of his neck “never again” he said. She pushed him over and sat on top of him, she pulled her shirt over her head “see this is the best type of friendship” she said, he smiled and undid her bra, “agreed” he said.

                After their intimacy they went t for dinner in London, it was a small place where they knew they wouldn’t see anyone, Hollis smiled when they got their. Lucius looked confused “it is just a shit restaurant” he said, Hollis smiled “no, look over there, its little rick, he is the one who gave me the pills, I am running out so I asked him to meet me here” she said, Lucius nodded. Little rick walked over “Anna” he said, Lucius looked behind them “hi” Hollis said “Anna?” Lucius said, Hollis laughed “yes, Joseph” she said elbowing him in the ribs. He coughed “right” he said, little rick handed Hollis two small bags, one bag looked to be filled with herbs and the other had pills in it, Hollis took the bags and gave rick muggle money “thanks Ricky, I’ll be in touch” she said. Hollis and Lucius sat down at the table in the restaurant “what kind of herbs are those?” he asked, Hollis laughed “it’s called ‘grass’ I  met a muggle when I went to Brazil who showed me it, it is good” she said “do you eat it?” Lucius asked, Hollis punched him “you use a thing called a ‘bong’ it is a weird muggle thing” she said. Lucius shrugged “interesting” he said, Hollis sighed “I left the one the girl in Brazil gave me at home, there is a shop up the street, we will go after we eat” she said.

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