Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


2. Chapter 2

            Hollis stood in the kitchen making breakfast listening to the top 40 wizard beats on the radio, she was cooking sausage and muffins, the girl’s favorites. Hollis felt good about what she said to Fasia, she really was going to change, Snape walked out of the bedroom still in his pajamas, Hollis handed him a cup of coffee and kissed him on the head. He sat down at the kitchen table “we really must get our own house” he said, Hollis smiled “we can’t, not until you sell your shithole of a house” she said, he laughed and took a sip of his coffee. Hollis went and got Jacob from his bed, she set him in his highchair and called the girls, the girls ran in covered in glitter, Hollis sighed “what were you two doing?” she asked. The girls giggled “nothing” they said, Hollis looked suspiciously at them “do you believe they were doing nothing” she asked Snape in a joking-ish tone “yes” he said. Hollis smiled at the girls “okay well get up to the table, I made your favorite” she said.

            After breakfast the girls ran back into their room, about half an hour later they came out holding a card covered in glitter. They handed the card to Hollis, on the front was a heart, Hollis opened it, glitter exploded all over her, in the bottom corner was both of their hand prints, Hollis kissed them “I love it, thank you” she said. She dusted the glitter off of her robes and hung the card on the fridge, next to the million other glittery cards. Snape had gotten dressed and was ready to take the girls to their flying lessons, Hollis wanted them to be good flyers, he kissed her on the head “we will be back in about two hours” he said. Hollis sighed when the door closed behind them, she went to the kitchen and got a drink of whiskey, she drank it down and poured another. Hollis walked around the room, she picked her robes up off the bedroom floor and shook them, out came the box with the muggle pills in them, she took two and then put the box back.

            Ten minutes later Hollis was feeling better, she was bored of sitting and waiting, they had only been gone for twenty minutes and it had felt like she had been waiting for days. She was tired of waiting, she threw on some nice robes and apperated to Remus’ house. Remus was sitting on the couch playing with some gadget from the joke shop “Holly” he said when he saw her, Hollis walked over and sat on his lap “hi” she said. She reached her hands behind his neck “how are you?” he asked her, she smiled sexually “good” she said, she kissed him, he kissed her back. Hollis pulled her shirt over her head and threw it across the room, she then pulled Remus’ off as well and threw it in the opposite direction as hers. She pushed him down onto the floor and started unzipping his pants with her teeth, he jumped up “Holly, what are you doing” he said, Hollis looked up at him “was this not where this was going” she said, Remus sighed “Holly, you are married” he said “so are you” Hollis replied.

            There was a knock on the door “Remus, its Royston” said the voice behind the door, Royston was Remus’ brother-in-law “one minute” Remus yelled. Hollis looked around for her clothing “underwear mantelpiece, top floor, pants couch” Remus said, Hollis quickly got dressed and apperated back into her kitchen. She looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was a mess, she brushed it out and threw it into a bun, she changed back into her pajamas and sat on the couch and waited. Five minutes later Snape was home with the kids “how was it?” Hollis asked, Snape nodded “Odette can fly well, but Edarra seems to get distracted easily” he said “and Jacob” Hollis said “angel” Snape replied. Hollis took Jacob from Snape’s arms and put him into his basinet, Jacob had light brown hair and brown eyes, he was very fair, he was perfect. Hollis closed the door behind her “how bout you show me what you have learned” Hollis said to the girls, they smiled, grabbed their brooms, and raced out the door.    


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