Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


11. Chapter 11

            Hollis and Lucius decided to apperate to her house, she got there to find Snape and Narcissa kissing in the kitchen “well hello oh pure one” Hollis said to Narcissa. Narcissa smiled “actually this is the first time I have ever kissed, or touched or anythinged with your husband” she said “I try to be a good wife, and a good mother, I don’t go gallivanting around leaving my husband alone with the kids while I go sleep with other peoples husbands” she yelled. Hollis went bright red “I am a better mother than you, Draco is a little lying fuckwit who uses muggle drugs” Hollis yelled, Narcissa screamed “he got those from you, you left them at my house, along with your undergarments” she said. Snape and Lucius were looking at each other with faces of confusion, they weren’t mad at each other, but they knew they were no longer going to call each other friends.

            Narcissa took a drink of whiskey and sat down on the couch “sit” she demanded, Hollis quickly ran over and sat on the chair across from her. Lucius sat beside Hollis and Snape beside Narcissa, Narcissa tapped her fingers on her knee “Severus, your lovely wife is having an affair with my award winning husband” she said. Snape looked emotionless, his face was showing nothing “just with Lucius” he said, Hollis looked confused “yes” she said “fine, never do it again” he said. Narcissa turned bright red “yell at her” Narcissa said to Snape “no, it’s not worth yelling about” he said, the whole group of them looked confusedly at Snape “it’s simple, I will forgive her, you will forgive him, and we can pretend like this never happened” he said.

            Everyone sat there is silence “seriously” Hollis said “you are okay with this, that I spent most of two years cheating on you with multiple people” she said. Snape looked up “multiple” he said, Hollis blushed “I meant multiple times with only Lucius” she said awkwardly. Snape was crying, he looked so sad “who else then?” he asked, Hollis sighed “Remus, and a few randoms here and there” she said, Snape looked up at her “Remus” he said. Hollis nodded “leave” he said Hollis started to tear “what?” she said “leave, go stay with your mother, you are not staying here” he said “but…” Hollis said but Snape just pointed to the door. Hollis cried as she got up and walked out of the castle and apperated into the burrow.

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