Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


10. Chapter 10

            The next morning Hollis woke up to kisses on her neck, she smiled and opened her eyes “what time is it?” she asked, Lucius smiled “early” he said. He started unbuttoning her pajamas, Hollis laughed “how early?” she asked “extremely early, as in no one else will be awake for hours” he said. Hollis sat up “you are a bastard, you know that” she said, his head was buried in her neck “I know” he said, Hollis laughed and kissed him, she pushed him down on the bed and sat on top of him. She pulled his shirt over his head “would you ever cut your hair?” she asked, he smiled “never” he said, Hollis ran her hands through it “good” she said.  Lucius flipped Hollis onto her back, his hair was dangling over her chin “it smells like melon” she said, Lucius laughed “with a hint of honey” she continued.

            Hollis fell back asleep once Lucius left, she was woken up an hour later by Narcissa “good morning” Narcissa said “morning” Hollis replied. Narcissa leaned over and smelled Hollis “what are you doing?” Hollis asked, Narcissa glared at her “melon” she said, Hollis yawned “it’s my new shampoo” Hollis said. Narcissa rolled her eyes “don’t bother lying, I know you slept with Lucius” she said “excuse me” Hollis said “I know you slept with my husband” she said. Hollis felt like she had just been hit by the knight bus, she stood up “so I did” she said, Hollis accio’d Narcissa’s wand “what are you going to do about it” Hollis said, Narcissa clenched her teeth “tell Severus” she said. Hollis pointed her wand at Narcissa’s head “don’t you dare” she said, before she could do anything Narcissa disapperated.

            Hollis walked out into the main room to find Lucius, he was sitting on the couch “have you seen Narcissa?” Hollis asked Lucius shook his head. Hollis sighed “fuck” she said, Lucius stood up and walked over to her “what?” he said, Hollis frowned “well she is probably going to ruining my marriage any moment” she said. Lucius looked confused, Hollis rolled her eyes “she smelled me this morning” she said “and?” Lucius replied “she said I smelled like melons, and then she told me about how she knew I slept with you and how she was going to tell Severus” she said. Lucius stood there looking blankly at the wall “so she knows then” he said, Hollis punched him “yes she knows fuckwit” she said.   


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