Hollis has Changed

"I am going to be the wife he deserves and the mother they deserve"


1. Chapter 1

            Hollis stood in the corner of the kitchen sipping a glass of fire whiskey, her family was in the living room talking, and laughing. Hollis walked up and joined them, it was her daughters fourth birthday, her husband was sitting on the couch with their two girls on his knee, her son was being snuggled by her mother. Her friend Remus walked in the room carrying a birthday cake, everyone started singing, in got a little messed up when they got to the ‘happy birthday dear-” part, but it was nice. Her girls blew out the candles and everyone cheered, Hollis took the cake to the kitchen and cut it, she handed out everyone a piece of cake, it was vanilla snow cake. She sat down next to her husband, he reached out and held her hand “would you go get the girls presents” he said, Hollis smiled and went and got them. She came back with two wrapped long cylinder packages, the girls ran up, Hollis handed the red one to Odette and the purple one to Edarra. They ripped it open to find two shiny new baby brooms “thank you mummy” they both yelled, grabbing hold of Hollis’ legs. Hollis smiled and picked them up “happy birthday” she said, giving them both a kiss on the head, she put them down and they started playing with their new presents.

            Hollis walked out of the room, down the hall and outside, she pulled out a small box, she opened it and took out two pills. She downed the pills and put the box back in her pocket “what are those for” said a smooth voice behind her. She turned around to see Lucius, her brother-in-law standing there “a muggle doctor said I should take them” she said, Lucius rolled his eyes “you are listening to muggle doctors now” he said. Hollis shrugged “yeah, I am” she said, Lucius put his hand on her shoulder “listen I know how to make you happier than those pills will” he said cheekily. Hollis punched him “don’t do that, I am happily married thank you” she said, Lucius looked sympathetically at her “then why do you need muggle pills” he said. Hollis started crying “because” she said, she hugged Lucius, crying into his clean robes “hey, it’s okay” Lucius said, pulling her away from him “I will stop trying to seduce you” he said. Hollis laughed “good, I don’t want to be a bad wife anymore” she said, Lucius hugged her “I will respect that, I care about you” he said, Hollis wiped her eyes. Lucius took her hand and they walked back inside to the party.

            After the party Hollis lay down next to her husband “Severus Snape, I love you” she said, he smiled “I love you too” he said. Hollis stared at the ceiling “I am sorry” she said, he rubbed her shoulder “you have nothing to be sorry for” he said, he laughed when he heard their son crying. Hollis sat up “I’ll get him, I am on Jacob duty this week” she said jokingly, she got up and got Jacob back to sleep. When she came back Snape was sound asleep, she smiled and covered him with the blankets, he looked so peaceful and beautiful when he was sleeping. Hollis went into the kitchen and got a drink, she had been drinking a lot over the past year, she thought she was going crazy, her mother had called it her ‘midlife crisis’. She decided to go for a walk around the grounds, she threw on a heavy coat, even in the spring/summer it was freezing, she put on her giant boots and went outside.

            She stood at the front door of the castle and look out upon the ground before going out, she walked down by the lake and sat down. A mermaid came up to the surface, it was Fasia, a mermaid that Hollis sometimes talked to, Hollis had learnt mermish when she went on a trip to Brazil two years previous. Fasia smiled “hello Hollis” she said, Hollis smiled “hello” Hollis replied, Hollis stuck her hand out to touch Fasia’s. Most people didn’t trust mermaids, as they were usually mean, but Fasia was different, Fasia’s hands were cold and slimy “what brings you out here at this time of night” Fasia asked. It was around two in the morning “couldn’t sleep” Hollis replied, Fasia frowned “were you in Hogsmeade?” Fasia asked, Hollis had told Fasia everything in her life, every tiny little detail “no” Hollis replied. Fasia dropped Hollis’ hands “then what is wrong?” she asked, Hollis frowned “I am going to start over, I am going to be the wife he deserves, and the mother they deserve, no more Hogsmeade, no more trips, nothing” Hollis said. Fasia smiled up at her “I wish you the best, I must go, as must you” she said, she slunk away into the water, Hollis watched for her and then walked back up to the castle and went to bed.    

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