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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


8. chapter 7

Author's Note

Hey guys!!! here is an update! hope you like it! thanks for reading! umm... well that authors note was pointless -_- but ya thanks for Reading.

Chapter 7 Kaylen POV

"TRUTH OR DARE!!' sceamed Louis.

"sure" I shrugged maybe we can have some action after that boring movie. We form a circle while Annie goes and gets a bottle, setting it down.

"who want to go first?" Aydeann asks

"MEEEEEEEE!" says Louis jumping up and down (while sitting down wtf?). I look around the circle everyone nods but Annie who is reading her book (wait I thought Liam took her book?).

I see Kitty glare at her and Annie puts her book down, laughing at their little exchange.

With that Louis spins the bottle and it lands on Aydeann.

"Truth or dare" says Louis wiggling his eyebrow up and down.

"Umm dare?" says Aydeann slightly unsure.

He smirks "I dare you to twerk." We burst out laughing Aydeann's face growing bright red. Annie runs up stairs returning with her camera probably vlogging Kitty joins her and they video tape Aydeann failing at her dare.

By the time she is done I was laying on the ground holding my new six pack. "Ya ya ya just wait until your turn" she says spinning the bottle. It lands on me.

"Kaylen truth or dare?"

"Truth" I say not wanting to do a really bad dare.

"Out of one direction who would you A) marry B) date C) have sex with then dump D) be friends with E) kill

I just stare at her "DARE I WANT DARE!" I say my eyes big from her truth. WHAT THE FUCK!?! Like seriously Aydeann didn't think you were that evil.

"Fine" she says rolling her eyes I sigh in relief "I dare you to answer that question" everyone laughs I just stare blankly at her.

I jump up "TO THE BAT CAVE!!!!" aka my room I try and fly away instead I fall -_- I groan."doesn't that count for more then one question?" I ask


"fine I'll answer and that's my line Summer" I say huffing and sticking my tongue out at Summer and Aydeann" um I'd probably marry Louis, date Liam, the sex one then dump would be Harry, friends would be Niall, and kill Zayn (Sorry Zayn but someone had to die) now remember I am a huge directioner and it takes every ounce in me not to fan girl so please don't get offensive" I say my face heating up

"Yeah, None taken right Guys?" Zayn is fake crying but they all nod.

I spin the Bottle making it land on Zayn.

"Zayn truth or dare?"

"Dare" he says

"I are you to not look in a mirror or se your reflection for the next 48 hours." I say smirking not such a tuff guy now Malik hugh?

"Can I pass?" he says his face pale.

Louis is laughing so hard like tears running down his face, same with Niall and Harry. Liam seems shocked and Annie is just smiling evilly same with Summer. they are going to do something bas aren't they. -_- "nope no changes or passes unless you want a worse dare."

"Fine" he grumbles

"This is a day to celebrate!" says Kitty clapping her hands together "the day Zayn Malik can't look In the mirror!" an with that we all burst out laughing again. Zayn just glares at Kitty but soon laughs too. Zayn spins the bottle and it lands on Annie.

"T or D"

"I'm being lame here okay... TRUTH!"

"Who is your favorite here?" Zayn says wiggling his eyebrow like Louis did.

"Kitty duh." she says

"HEY WHAT ABOUT ME!!!!" said Louis hugging or more like squeezing Annie.

"DIE DIE DIE!!!!!" *hits Louis with books*

"No I meant out of 1D" Zayn says

"Loop hole need to clarify your dares" she said spinning the bottle and having it land on Louis. "Louis truth or-"


"okay chill out dude. umm i dare you to take a picture of Harry and Niall kissing and post it on twitter saying, I thought we had something Harry how could you, and you can't say its a dare." (A/N 200 points if you know where that came from, and if you made that and are reading this i thought it was really funny sorry if your offended comment etc and i'll take it out) Louis, Harry, and Niall all turn bright red while Zayn and Liam where laughing so hard, they had tears running down their faces and where holding their stomachs.

Harry and Niall kiss was so funny. it was the tight lip grandma type of kiss and there face was so funny. they were blushing their faces red as a baboon butt and scooting are away from each other . Louis looked horrified and instantly they where getting twitter notifications. "HAZZA BEAR IM SORRY!!!" Louis screamed and ran over to Harry fake crying. Lets just say the flat was a big mess. Summer had a mustache on her face, Harry had straighten hair, Liam had cupcake icing all over his face, etc. Yeah it was a huge mess.

"Ugh I'm so tired!" said Zayn falling on the "couch".

"than go to bed" I say falling next to him.

"guys... where's Annie?" Kitty says looking around the flat.

"" I said looking around. The next thing you know the door opens and Annie walks in carrying a cup from Starbucks and talking on the phone.

"talk to you later Mikey tell Ollie I say hi!" she looks up and sees the mess. "WHAT THE FUDGE HAPPENED HERE!!" she screamed.

"um truth or dare.?"

"I was gone for 10 minutes how could you trash this place so quickly?!"

"well who's Mikey and Ollie?" said Harry crossing his arms.

"n-no one." she stammered.

"AH c'mon Annie! TELL US!!" said Summer

"well who's Ashton" Annie snapped back. walking over to the kitchen

"AYDEANN!!! WHAT THE HELL YOU TOLD THEM!!!' She said looking at Aydeann,

"WHAT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" she says putting up her hands in a surrender pose.

"night guys!" Annie calls walking to her room. When Harry runs over to her and throws her over his shoulder.

"SLEEPOVER IN THE LOUNGE!!" he yells flopping Annie down on the floor and sitting in her back.

"HARRY GET UP!" she screams trying to push him off but failing miserably. "DIE DIE DIE!!!" she screams reaching over and grabbing his arm.

"What are you OW OW OW! stop it stop it!" he said falling off Annie.

"What she do." Zayn asked

"PRESSURE POINT!" she screamed running to her room and slamming the door.

"PARTY POOPER!!" Screamed Kitty.

"SUCKS TO SUCK!!!" she screamed back.

"well I'm tired how about you guys?" I said

"yeah night you guys!" said Kitty laying down. and with that lights where out

*TIME TRAVEL* Morning time.

"ahh morning guys" I say stretching and looking around.

"Morning" says Louis turning towards me we bursted out laughing "Kaylen your face!"

"My face your face!" I said laughing until I realize what he said. "OMG!" and I take off to my bathroom looking in the mirror I shriek "WHO DID THIS!!!" I scream I had a uni-brow a mustache and a huge mole on my nose. and then it instantly clicks "ANNIE SUMMER GET OVER HERE NOW!!!!" I scream running towards the living room hearing yells from everyone and pounds on the bathroom door ad of course I join in but after I try and clean my face... ya try.



"SO BEAT IT!!" yelled Annie going back to vlogging.


"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE YOUR REFLECTION!!!" Summer yelled back. Lets just say the next thing was very surprising. With a loud crack the door breaks down and that's when more yelling starts.......again

Author's Note

OMG OMG OMG I am soooo sorry for the sucky ending. I rushed it cause it ket on going and going and going and going... well ya sorry though for the horrible end

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