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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


7. chapter 6

Chapter 6 Annie's POV

I get out of the shower throwing my wet hair in a high messy bun pieces still in my face to lazy to fix or change it. Putting on a pair of loose sweats an sweat shirt before grabbing my Ipod/ buds and book. I walk down stairs and into the kitchen wanting a couple of Oreos while the cupcakes are cooling.

Walking into the kitchen if I didn't have an ounce if self control the boy would be dead. cause there In front of me was Niall James Horan throwing away an empty Oreo box. lets just say I was ticked.

Grabbing my book [hard covered] I swing it pulling the spine down on the top of his skull yelling "ANNIE CHOP!" (A/N Anime reference. yes I watch anime get over it) making him scream and hold his head.

My face emotionless I hold my now empty Oreo container before walking out of the kitchen. Heading to the living room I see the girls all whispering about the Oreo incident.

Putting on a creepy smile I walk up showing then the empty box making them gulp.

"What did you do to umm Niall?" asked Aydeann all of them nervous.

I just creepily smile again making it even wider. They already locked me in an airplane bathroom when Kaylen ate the Oreos so lets have some fun.

"IT WAS KAYLEN'S FAULT SHE SAW HIM FIRST AND DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!!!" screamed Summer getting up and running probably to her room. We hear a distant door slam and I guessed right making my smile just grow larger knowing/ predicting their every move plus sports help with that.

Taking slow steps towards them they crawl away. Grabbing a huge dictionary from the coffee table [idk why it's there just go with the flow] I advance on my prey when 2 large hands grab my fore arms. stopping in my tracks I turn to see Liam and Louis holding me back.

Turning around making sure my face is extra creepy I look at them. they look at me scared. Knowing they probably thinking I'm Bipolar since Ivan change my moods quickly but I am not. -.-

"Annie don't do anything stupid" said Harry cautiously.

"Go to sleep," I whisper quietly

(a/n Jeff the killer) then saying it again and again louder ripping y arms away I jump kick both were the sun don't shine not exactly sure how I did it but I'm still pissed.

I turn seeing everyone is gone I sigh before walking into the living room.

And sitting down and reading but also listening to music. Everyone watches me in caution not getting to close making me roll my eyes.

Niall, Liam, and Harry all have ice packs on their injured areas like come on I didn't hit then that hard! right? Oh well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!!!!! 😑

Aydeann's Pov

I'm hiding in the kitchen scared out of my wits. after a couple of mins I walk out to see Liam and Harry red face on the ground and holding their um place. I walk back into the kitchen grabbing 2 ice packs and hand it to them. I look to see Niall holding his ice pack to his head.

"First rule of our flat." I say entering the living room seeing Annie reading... again.

"1) NEVER and I mean NEVER eat Annie's Oreos. I say pointing at Niall.

"Well you could of told me!!!" he says. I just ignore him going on with my rules.

"2) you can not be naked unless you are in the shower." I say looking at Harry. I'm a directioner I heard the rumors. The boys Laugh and Harry pouts.

"3)" pipes Kaylen "no sex" she's sitting next to Annie and of course Annie being in a bad mood whacks her with her book on the head. 😑

I roll my eyes continuing "4) no snooping" Louis face falls and Kitty playfully glares at him. "And that's all for now" I say clapping my hands sitting down next to Annie.

"What do you want to do now?" Asked Niall still holding his sore head. Gees did Annie really hit him that hard?

"How about a movie?" Said Kitty

"I want to play truth or dare though!!" Whines Louis I roll my eyes and a second later he gets a face full of book and a sh from Annie.

" Well someone is grumpy." I think

Liam then goes over and takes the book from Annie and moves any potential weapons away from her. She just glares but doesn't do anything.

"What movie?" I asked

"TOY STORY!!!!!!" Said Liam

"We don't have it" Annie says

"WHAT!?!?! Who doesn't have toy story?!?!" He says totally shocked.

You can tell the other boys are kinda happy with that. They must watch that movie like a hundred times.

" Because it's not good" Annie says still reading. The next thing you know Liam shoots up and picks Annie up.


"We are getting that movie ad we are watching it!!!"

"OMG!! Liam we can rent it!" Says Kitty. Annie is the youngest and closest to kitty so Kitty acts like a big sister to her.

"Oh" he says putting Annie down. She just glares at him before grabbing her phone and going into the kitchen hopefully decorating the cupcakes Harry follows her into the kitchen.

"What went up her arse?" Said Kaylen. We thought Annie was breaking out of her shell but we guess not.

"So... What movie"

"CAN WE WATCH CARRIE?" Screamed Annie from the kitchen.

I shrug "sure let me get Summer" she was still in her room. Walking to her room and stopping by her door about to knock when I hear her talking to someone.

"Yeah I miss you too Ashton"

"ASHTON?!?! Who the fuck is Ashton?!?" I think leaning harder into the door trying to get more sound.

"Ya ya I know it was unexpected but we can still Skype right?"

"M'kay tell my family hi okay?"


"Okay bye"

"Okay who is Ashton!!" I say barging in.

"W-what do you mean?" She says. I give her the look saying cut the crap.

She sighs "okay so I met this boy name Ashton and we are really good friends that's all okay?"

I nod not convicted "hey we are watching Carrie wanna watch?"

"Ya! Hey is Annie okay?"

" I think" I reply "she's been off like shyer then usual. Schools going to be hard on her"

"Ya" says Summer as we walk back to the living room where Niall is eating a bowl of popcorn and Kitty is putting in the movie. [the new one]

We are all sitting Annie comes in soon after with cupcakes and Harry follows but with a chocolate icing mustache stain.

Louis chuckles and takes a cupcake. Annie sitting next to Harry on the floor.

"Something is up with Annie and Harry" I whisper to Louis next to me.

"Ya totally" he says eyeing them

"Annie hardly warms up that quickly to anyone" I say "she's super shy that's why she hardly talks"

"Oh that's why she's so quiet" he says

"Ya" during the movie there are many screams besides from Annie and Kaylen like WTF? How can't they never get scared from scary movies?

But the end Annie had her head in Zayn's lap and feet on Harry summer is in a similar situation but with Niall and Kaylen. I'm sitting upside down with Louis on the couch.

"What now" I asked I see Annie talking to Zayn they both seem to be shy and Harry is Talking to Louis and well everyone is talking separately.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Screamed Louis.

"Yes!!" Says Harry and with that we form a circle and we start probably the most interesting game of truth or dare ever.

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