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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


6. chapter 5


authors note!

hey guys here is an update! enjoy sorry if it's bad I'm sick right now :( so it probably going to suck... 

oh i also want to remind you that these characters are based on real people but the actions they do are fictional i am making most of the actions up so if you don't like wat they do you shouldn't hate them or anything um like that :)


chapter 5. Kitty's POV

I'm having the best dream ever. You see Me and my friends just ran into 4/5 members of 1D and Annie broke a little out of her shell and was hanging out with a boy!!

Oh wait it isn't a dream!!
*happy dance*

You may be wondering how that came to be well here it is

*flash back music* la da la la da!!

It started with me being asleep.

"Kitty Kittyyyy!!! KITTY GET YOUR ASS UP NOW!!!!!" someone screamed jolting me awake and making me fall on the ground. -.-

I groan opening my eyes to see a perky Kaylen. "what?!" I snap wanting to go back to my fantastic dream of Zayn singing me a song he wrote just for me. *sigh*

"I wanna go shopping!" she whined pulling me up and looking around my room. "you finished decorating!" she says clapping her hands.

I just nod. Its really simple white walls covered with posters and one wall I painted with white chalk board paint to write on. right now it says "sit back and enjoy the roller coaster that is life". And teal comforter etc you get the the rest right? oh well

I stand up rubbing my sore bum. "sure let me get ready. just don't wake up Annie she has been up late and needs her sleep." Kaylen nods before walking out.

I get up walking to my private bathroom and doing what I need to do. shower etc. after I go and grab a pair of white jean shorts and a red 
I ❤ (<3) 1D crop top and my white vans. Pulling my hair into a loose side braid having some of the loose hair frame my face. very casual :).

Walking out after grabbing my phone and purse I see that Summer. Kaylen, and Aydeann are all ready. I smile at all of our different styles of clothing.

Summer is in dark ripped skinny jeans combat boots and an all time low t-shirt With a black beanie having her hair loose and slightly curled.

Aydeann is wearing jean shorts and a black nice fitting tank top with a 1D varsity jacket over top. wearing converse and her hair in a high pony tail.

Kaylen is wearing pink and white stripped loose sweater with white jean shorts, hoop ear rings and gold sandals having her hair straight.

"Ready?" said Kaylen jumping up and down making summer roll her eyes at her friends giddiness for shopping. laugh walking to the door and locking it behind us. We walk into the elevator just talking about everything to nothing.

"I can't believe we are living in the same city as one direction!!!!!" Said Kaylen squealing making all but Summer scream. She just shakes her head pulling out her phone probably texting someone or on twitter.

Walking out and into the busy streets of London we start heading to the square.

Walking around entering random stores holding like 2 bags+ each we all end up with some clothes or what not. Entering a random store i start looking through random rack finding nothing i move to another rack while doing so someone with a mask pops out in front of me.i scream and stumble back into a rack making me fall. i look to see Summer laughing at me. glaring at her i start laughing to.she walks over and pulls me up.

"you okay?" she asks still slightly laughing.

"ya" i say whacking her upside her head with my hand. she grabs her hand sticking her tongue out at me making me roll my eyes at her.

"Guys you ready to go? i want to got to the park." i say

"ya lets go" said Aydeann practically dragging Kaylen out the store since she "had" to have that skirt. we walk out and head into the direction of the park when we enter we walk past a  bench but a lot of people are surrounding it. The other girls didn't seem to notice and if they did they didn't a knowledge it. 

stopping since the person had a good voice heck an amaZAYN (see what i did there? ya okay back to the story) voice i couldn't get a good look. noticing my friends kept walking i ran to catch up keeping my eyes glued on the person, When i get a look of her face not a clear one but enough and it strangely looks like Annie.



Kaylen's Pov 

I have a huge smile on my face, well like duh i'm living in the same town as my future husband Niall, even though i doubt it will happen and that its illegal a girl can dream right? also i'm here with my best friends who stuck by me no matter what along with me getting 2 whole new outfits *squeals* 

well anyways we just exited the park i look over at Kitty who had her eyebrows scrunched up. noticing i ask her whats wrong.

"nothing" she says

"m'ok" i say not convinced since she does that when she's in deep thought. walking around i notice a little bakery with a huge crowd around it shrugging it off we try and walk by. key word TRY. they just pushed us away. that when i notice they are carrying 1D posters and wearing 1D stuff. getting a little excited i push it down and we push our way through.

I look back and notice Aydeann and Kitty all giddy when we get far enough away we all squeal and fan girl together holding hands and jumping up and down while Summer acts like she doesn't know us. 

"OH MY GOD!!!!!! one direction is in town right now!!!" says Kitty stopping we straighten our selves up we start walking when we hear screaming and feet pounding we look back and i see one direction running from like 200 girls. slightly startled the next thing i know one of them grabs my arm 

"RUN!!!: and each guy starts pulling us. I start stumbling since i'm way slower then... Looking up i see Liam pulling me. well that makes sense he is a super fast runner. i see Kitty and Aydeann loving this situation like our idols "saved" us and are touching us, while Summer has the look of annoyance and was struggling with Louis's grip.

"Where is Harry?" i hear Niall yell

"shit he must of gotten separated!" yelled Liam

"LET GO OF ME!!!" says Summer ripping her arm out of Louis's grip ad sticking her tongue out at him before she sprints ahead and into a skate shop before she comes out with a new skate board skating  in-front of us. i mentally face palm, but Louis's face was priceless it was filled with shock and confusion bet you he hardly experienced getting that reaction. 

i'm seriously regretting wearing my nice gold sandals -_-. i can feel blisters forming and i'm slowing down

"were re we running." said Aydeann i'm guessing to Niall.

"I have no idea" 

"lets go to our apartment!" i say

"where is it?" said Louis all of us are breathing heavily and are getting tired.

"34th street i'll tell you which building when we get there." i say Liam makes a Sharp right turn almost making me fall.  glare at him but but he doesn't seem to notice. we are running the girls are catching up and i hear some of them yelling at us. 

"BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream back at them making some one throw a shoe at me i scream and duck barely ducking it. i hear Summer start trash talking them and ya that ended bad she was now getting pelted with random items too. "and people called me a hard core directioner" i think i look and see our building is coming up.

"THERE!!" I hear Kitty scream. we all run into the building Aydeann heads to the lift. 

"No take the stairs!!" yelled niall pulling her over to the stair i close the door and lock them we hear pounding then we hear the door break down soon after.

WTF?!?! these girls are determined!!! we are nearing my level i take out my key. I'm out of breathe and i see that Aydenn is too. we smile fan girling on the inside. we exited the stair case me running ahead and to the door. fiddling with the ey everyone is yelling at me to hurry up i finally get it open and we shut the door. we listen and hear the foot steps running passed the door sighing we hear and laughing in the kitchen with a guy?

 AND THAT CONCLUDES THE FLASH BACK THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!! (yes i know it started with Kitty's POV build a bridge and get over it its mine turn)

 "Annie?" i say we walk into the kitchen gasping at the sight. the kitchen is a mess along with Annie on top of a guy straddling him.they are laughing and covered in who knows what. we are all shocked to say anything Annie and the guy are still laughing their ass's off. i was about to say something when the oven dings.

"CUPCAKES ARE DONE" says Annie jumping up and clapping her hands and pulling out the cupcakes. I look to see Niall looking more like staring at the cupcakes. 

"HARRY?!?!?!" i hear Louis scream

"hi boo bear!" wtf is going on here.

"well this is very lucky" says Liam

"how is this lucky?" i ask completely confused.

"well we lost Harry and here he is completely safe" he explains. i just nod. Annie is now starting to clean up when she notices the company and she closes up. All she does is wave and Harry notices he gives her a confused look and she looks down. Annie is very shy only opening up with us and her family. 

i start cleaning up. "Annie go get a shower and change" she gives me a grateful smile walking out. I look at Harry he is covered in eggshells, flour, and so much more. Liam is giving him a lecture about something when i notice Niall eating..oh god Oreos. I look and see Summer looking at him. he notices and gives us a quizzical look. he is so dead is all i can think right now i slowly back away from him Aydeann sees it too and she looks frighten Kitty does to we run out of the room forming a plan to explain to Annie why Niall ate her oreos. 

Now you see Annie is extremely violent like we can't let her hold sharp objects we let her use knifes but she an't leave the kitchen with them and she loves oreos and hates when people eat hers so ya we are all dead...

"just tell her we weren't in the room when Niall ate them she knows he eats a lot!!" says Kitty we all nod seeing that was the most reasonable answer not soon after we see Annie holding an empty Oreo box a creepy smile on her face. oh god help us...









Authors Note!!!!

Here is an update to all you guy who are actually still reading this story!!!! XD hope you like it!!! 

Bye!!!! sorry if it sucks i'm sick as i said before -_-




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