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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4 Annie's Pov

i wake up to my newly decorated room, smiling at the outcome. i spent all night redecorating it after my walls where finished. i have simply gray walls having a mess wall that i can paint splatter on when ever and a paint splattered ceiling, with posters and pics around my room but nothing special.

i look at my clock and realize its 12 in the afternoon throwing my rats nest aka my hair in a messy bun i go down stairs to see the flt empty, guessing everyone left to go do something. i run back upstairs showering and pulling out some clothes.

after im done i throw my wet heir into a side braid putting on light ripped jean shorts, black tank top, leather jacket, combat boots. grabbing my guitar and wallet i run out the door happy to start street performing again.

deciding on walking and taking a taxi home after getting groceries i decide to head to a local park about a 30 minute walk and 5 minute walk to the market.

walking to the park i actually look at my surroundings, seeing the sky bright blue with no clouds with a slight breeze and the busy street i expect a lot of people would be at the park.

i see a cool music shop across the road deciding to stop there later i remember the name, London's music store -_- shouldn't be too hard right?

walking into the park i smile t the scenery little kids running around and parents laughing at their kids play.

walking through the small park i find a secluded bench sitting the case down and pulling out my guitar quickly tuning it before standing on the bench doing some quick scales double checking. By now i drew a small crowd circling me seeing whats happening that's when i started singing and playing "Wild Heart" by the Vamps

I was walking away

but she's so beautiful it made me stay.

I don't know her name

but I'm hoping she might feel the same.

So hear I go again.

She got my heart again.


Tonight we'll dance,I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

We won't look back,take my hand and we will shine.


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I got a wild heart.

Stay here my dear,

feels like I've been standing right here for years

My mind's beat up

Tell me you feel this, you know I won't give up

I won't give up!

more people are gathering around seeing what i'm doing and what people are looking at. i started tapping my foot to the beat making my voice a little louder.


Tonight we'll dance,I'll be yours and you'll be mine

We won't look back,Take my hand and we will shine


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I've got a wild heart.


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I've got a wild heart.

I know it's late,I know it's cold.

So come right here, I swear I'll never let you go.

The way you move is wonderful

Let's do it now, cause one day we'll both be old

Oh woah oh

i started clapping getting everyine to follow singing seeing little kids starting to dance along with my beat. jumping down i pull other couples on the dance floor, well i hope they where couples getting more on the dance floor.

Tonight we'll dance.I'll be yours and you'll be mine

We won't look back, take my hand and we will shine


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I've got a wild heart .

Tonight we'll dance, I'll be yours and you'll be mine

We won't look back, take my hand and we will shine


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I've got a wild heart.


She needs a wild heart,

She needs a wild heart,

I've got a wild heart.

finishing the song i smile at how many people are dropping money in my case and the amounts of clapping i received. and started singing "voodoo doll" by 5sos (A/N I'm not going to put those lyrics down since it would be to much)

same routine singing thanking people seeing people come and go, but one person caught my eye he stayed at the back wearing sun glasses and a beanie staying for all of the songs besides the last pulling out his phone once and a while, after 4 songs i closed telling i'll be back next week or so.

putting the money in the wallet i decide to go the market. walking gin i just decide to get stuff for some simple cupcakes grabbing stuff for home made chocolate icing i walk out... after paying of course! ;)

I then walk to the small music store from before after getting a little lost and talking to clueless British people i found it. Walking In hearing the little ding of the bell i see that they have a sign for help. looking around i see that its kinda run down but really cool, its small and dark with posters and instruments lining the walls, one side has cd's ad music books walking around i decide to browse the small music books finding a book with a song i want to try i decide to get it walking to the cashier. seeing about a girl my age with black hair and streaks and black clothes she seems surpirsed that i was here

"hey i see there is a spot open i was wondering if i could apply?"

"yes here fill out this and you can start tomorrow" she says handing m an application. i give her all the info before taking it and going through it. She nods telling me to be here at 10 am saying it palys 10 pounds an hour. very confused about what pounds are (stupid currencies keep running through my mind) i accept about to walk out when the bell dings when a figure rushes in hiding in the back. right then i herd of girls like not joking herds of them running by screaming wearing and holding one direction me and the girl both have the same look of disgust on our faces.

"not a fan?" she says

"nah you?" i ask

"no oh my name is Sydney" Sydney says i smile

"i would tell you mine but you probably know already" i say with a small laugh about to walk out when i feel a hand on my shoulder thinking it was Sydney i turn around but instead i see Harry Styles.

my smile vanishes and instead a scowl takes its place.

"yes?" i say spitting it out not liking the feeling of stranger touching me.

"do you have a place i can stay please!! i need a place to hide from the fans" he says out of breathe. i roll my eyes "whats in it for me?" i sass back i don't know where that confidence came from i'm usually the quiet one just never on the feild only breaking out of my shell when i'm preforming or when im with my firends.

"I get to hang out with you." he says showing off his million dollar smile making me roll my eyes again.

"fine" i mutter "just stay close and if we get mobbed i'm ditching understood?" i say he quickly nods before i walk out and onto the pavement turning around making sure he is behind me started walking him coming up next to me, we walk in silence me trying to remember the way back to the flat... of course i get lost i suck at directions.-_-

i stop walking looking around allowing Harry to give me a confused look

"umm.. do you know where 34th street is?' i ask clearly embarrassed making harry laugh at me.

"you din;t know where you live?" he asked clearly amused

i shake my head no. "I just moved here with 4 other friends from the states and i didn't exactly explore so this is really the first time i got out for fun" i say fiddling with my guitar strap and moving the groucery bag to my other hand. Harry notices and takes the bag. i offer him a smile as he leads us to the flat.

I smile at the similar surroundings running into the building and pressing the up buttin making Harry laugh at my childish antics. when it opens i walk in along with Harry pressing the button waiting for our floor. when that hapens i tyr jumoing and miserably failing si i just start jumping getting harry into it and the next thing we know we are laughing and jumping around the elevator.

when the doors open we're laughing, i walk out and head to my flat yada yada yada i walk into the kitchen getting out things we need for the cupcakes. Harry stands there until i tell him to make the vinilla batter and if he's good he can have some.

laughing he starts. "Wanna play 20 questions?" he asks

"sure" i said and with that we answered each others questions "favorite color."

"red" i said. "favorite animal"

"orange or blue. didn't you already know this?' he asked confused

"nope i'm not a fan but my friends are so i know who you are." i say he nods pouring the batter into the pan. i put them in starting on the icing. when i'm done i hear harry say

"hey Annie"

"yes Harry/?" i say turning around but meet to get a face full of flour and with that we have a flour war running out of flour sugr eggs anything it was all over us and the kitchen. i took a cup and filled it with water dumping it on him making him crack 3 eggs on my head. i scream making him laugh. i launch my self at him nocking him down and i pin him down before grabbing a marker and try and draw something on his face.

'NO NO!!! he says laughing and wiggling away. im laughing and trying to draw and pin him at the same time but give up instead grab the last egg and smash it on his face. Laughing at his rection i fall off him clutching my stomache tears running down both our faces when we hear the door open and close. our eyes open wide at the sound of people but not just my friends 4 other people to but males...

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