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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3 summers POV 3:30 am

I walk into the car looking out the window at my passing neighborhood. the sun isn't even shining yet since its so early I close my eyes dreaming about our new life in London...

"Summer wake up. SUMMER!!!!" I jolt awake of my dad shaking me as screaming in my ear.

"What time is it?" I grumble not wanting to get up.

"its about 4 in the morning now get your lazy ass out of my car." he said unbuckling my seat belt and opening the trunk to get my stuff out. i mumble to my self about how early it is and grab my carry on which consists of my phone, ear pods, i pod, laptop, books, food, water, etc.

"why did we get such an early flight again?" i ask knowing Annie and Kaylen would not like this as much as i am right now.

"so you will have enough time to get settled in at your new apartment and have enough time to get to your meeting with the principle of the school." i groan but walk next to my dad who has my 2 suit cases of clothes.

We enter the air port and i see all of my friends. Annie and Kaylen are looking tired and are leaning against their dads about to fall asleep. while Aydeann and Kitty are practically bouncing off the walls. i walk over while my dad gets in line behind the other dads.

" i am so tired" groaned Annie sitting on the floor. and leaning her head on my leg putting her ear pods in and turning on Panic! at the disco. i push her off my leg but she just falls back on it.

"This is going to be awesome!!" screamed Kitty

"shhh!!" says Kaylen plugging her ears but Kitty just keeps going.

"We might even have the whole plane by our selves!!! like look hardly any one is here beside those 5 boys!!" she says jumping up and down.

"what 5 guys?" says Kitty. i smirk at her saying that she just broke up with the ass hole of a boy friend and she want some one "nicer and cuter" she looks over but they are gone. she shrugs it off. i sigh at least she isn't boy crazy.

"come on girls time to go" says Kaylen's dad. i pull Annie off the ground wondering how she can get to her early morning lacrosse and soccer practices and games.

we go through the metal detector and all too soon we have to board the plane and leave our family's everyone is in tears or close to it.

"i'm going to miss you!!" i say hugging my dad " i'll call when i get there okay?"

"i love you Summer" he says as we break the hug i turn and walk into the tunnel which will lead me to the plane i turn around wave at my dad mouthing I love you before turning and walking onto the plane.

"wow Kitty was right hardly anyone is here" i say only 5 guys are on the plane are they are sitting up front. we walk back to our seats Annie and Kaylen sitting next to each other and flopping down.

"SLEEP HERE I COME!!!' screams Annie smiling.

"sh!!" says Kaylen closing her eyes.

"you sh" says Annie turning and closing her eyes and they fall asleep almost instantly. I plug in my head pods and drift to sleep.

some time later Kitty's Pov

Annie is awake and bored so she is going crazy along with Kaylen. the boys up front haven't been doing much just whispering to each other.

"what are you listening to?" asks Annie looking at my i pod. she sighs "i can't believe you like that band they are horrible.'' the next thing we know Kaylen is chasing Annie around the plane for insulting her "future husband" Annie is running as if her life depends on it.

"Annie watch out!!" i scream seeing her not pay attention and trip and fall about to crash into the food cart and the airplane lady person. but she somehow twists her body the boys now looking plants her hands in a hand stand pushing up doing as flip over the cart and screaming lady landing it perfectly.

"oh ya!!" she screams turning around and tripping over her own feet and face planting on the floor. everyone is laughing even her she's rolling on

the floor i look away and when i look back she's not there.

"what?" i say the next thing i know a person with a scary mask is in front of me screaming i scream with it falling to the floor. i glare up at Annie but she ignores it.

"i'm bored." says Annie and Summer at the same time.

"lets sing!!!" says Kaylen i got new music with out the words but we all know it so it will be even more fun!!' and with that she turns on Kiss You by One direction.

"Summer and Annie are like here let us sing okay?" with a smirk on their faces

"You finally like them" says Kaylen all squeal-ly like sitting down. i see the boys up front smirking. i don't know why but i shrug it off. Kaylen restarts the music and that's when Hell breaks out instead of singing the real version they start singing the parody whip you. Annie doing most of the singing Summer doing the "director".


Oh I'm just tryin' to make it to the beauty


Get out of my way I gotta get my nails done

Gonna get my eye brows threaded then

then I'll get

a funky skunky stripe put on my head


Oh Peeka-peeka-boo where did I come from?

Looks like he gave birth to me from his skunk bum


Hey fellas could you stop the bike up at the light

l think I'm feelin' motorcycle sick


You're not as cute

as these other two.

So let's just move you there

Now mince about, and act as though you're having fun


He only gives us one

di rec tion


Now run from the waaaaaaaaaaaave.


I need more Hair Spraaaaaaaaay


This wanker is a

sad old man


He's got us dressed like

old man bands


Can we take a breaaaaaaaak


No bloody waaaaaay

Now put on your swimsuits



Aw C'mon. We're quite pasty.


We've yet to develop muscles


Oooh This one director won't ever let us leave


You can leave as soon as you hit puberty


Come on mate, its cold in here look over here

Harry's crying frozen tears.


He's dead


Well they tell us we're like Elvis back when he was a kid

I hope we don't die on the toilet like he did

Someone let me off the ride, I'm dying inside


This is the worlds smallest violin

Lets have you twoooo

Remove those sailor suits

and dress like prostitutes, yeah.


The saddest part is we're not getting

paid that much


They never even buy us lunch

and that's not faaaaaaaaair


How is my HAAAAAIR?


Now put on these assless chaps

I bought them at the Assless Gap

Let's do 50 Shaaaaaaades

of Graaaaay

and let him hit you

Here's a tissue

I just tricked you

I made you sniff glue

Now let me fist you

Ha ha ha ha I'm just kidding

Just checking if you were listening

Let's go hillbiilly hand fishing

Now lets do the ending from Broke

Back Mountain


I think I'm starting to have fun


Try to make him staaaaay

and that's when you say


I wish I could quit you.

they are running now away from an angry Aydeann and Kaylen i'm too shocked to actually move but i soon join chasing them they are screaming running in between aisles and on chairs. we soon grow tired and crash on the floor just laying there laughing. we all stand up and i jump on Aydeann's back she yelps but i ignore it.

" to the food cart i must eat food!!!!' and with that Annie jumps on Summer's and we race while Kaylen beat us all and starts eating. She starts eating the Oreos and holy crap we had to lock Annie in the bathroom so she wouldn't kill Kaylen for eating her "babies". The boys are chuckling at us and with that i get a twitter alert from One Direction and so does Aydeann and Kaylen.

"OOOO wonder what it says" i say opening it up


"can't wait to get home to London having a blast on the plane there are the funniest 5 girls on the planes with us XD"

i squeal since that means we will be at the same town as them but lucky ducks those girls.

that's when i hear Kaylen cheer. "Yes they have carrots!!" she says before eating them and sitting down i see of of the boys try band get up but they held him down whispering something to him.

i hear a "fine" from the boy. cool he has a British accent i think.

the flight attendant tell us we will be landing soon and that we need to get in our seats and buckle our seat belts

******time travel****** Aydeanns Pov

we just exited the taxi and are standing out side out new "flat" we enter and OMG its awesome!!! its huge we got an email saying since we know each other we can all share a big flat together. (a/n i don't really want to explain what it looks like so there is a picture on the side...i believe)

we all start running trying to find a bedroom we where given or permission to paint and do what ever. we all split up each calling what room we want i walk into one ad its perfect. it has its on bathroom it's small but gorgeous the room is big with a queen size bed and a large window behind it the walls are white but i'm planning on painting it so its perfect it has a huge walk in closet for my clothes and a tv. like this is amaZAYN!! Ha ha see what i did there okay back on track I start unpacking my clothes in the closet and put all my bathroom thingys

in the bathroom like duh. i dress my bed.... haha that sounds funny :)

and i leave the rest for tomorrow. i decide to explore the flat. it has a huge balcony with chairs and a huge kitchen which Annie will surely love. a nice living room with a couch and 3 chairs and open space i walk down a corridor and find a game room... they really over did it the school like this is beyond wow. I walk back upstairs and into my room changing decided to go for a walk i ask the other girls all agree besides Annie she says she need to get food and wants to try out thew new kitchen oh boy....

authors note

Hope you like it!!!!!! please comment and vote

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