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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


3. chapter 2

here is chapter 2 hope you guys like it !!!!!!!


Chapter 2 Aydreann's POV 4 weeks later.

i'm pacing my room my phone in my hand to see when the girls text me if we got in or not. I'm waiting for the mail man to bring my letter of rejection or acceptance i hope its the second choice. Like seriously can't you email us? A) its quicker. B) it doesn't get lost. C) who mails things any ways?

Okay Aydeann calm down its just a school located in the city of where ONE DIRECTION lives!!!!! *Que fan girl scream* that's when i hear our mail box open and close i rush down the steps shoving my little brother out of the way when he was reaching for the mail. he yelled at me but i couldn't hear cause right in front of me could allow me to live in the same place as the sexiest band alive. i run into the house throwing the rest of the mail at my brother.

"hey!!!" i just wave him off rushing to my room. i stare at the letter the girls and i have been waiting for. my phone starts buzzing with texts. i take a deep breathe but decided to procrastinate a little more and read the texts. so far so good they all made it.

I start to get nervous thoughts running through my brain. "like what if i don't get in?" or "what happens if it was to another girl or boy?" and i was debating on not opening it when Annie busted through my door.

"WHAT IN THE HELL BELLS ARE YOU WAITING FOR OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!" she screams but i move it out of the way and she falls... on her face. "nwjhgiohewihee?"

'what?" i asked not understanding what she said.

she sits up rubbing her sore nose "why did you open it?"

"Well" i say trying to procrastinate a little more. she sighs and grabs the letter and opens it before I could react.

Her smile slowly vanishes. I start to get worried. sadness is plain on her face. "you didn't get in" I hear her whisper tears in her eyes. I start tearing up grabbing the letter and reading it my self.

"Dear Miss Aydreann,

We are ere to inform you about are school."

blah blah blah ya I don't care skipping now.

"We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted-"

I didn't read the rest I was so happy and pissed at the same time I hear laughing and see Annie on the ground laughing her ass off.

"She is so going to get it." Annie's eyes widen an she jumps out and runs out of my room.

"Did I say that out loud." I say

"Yes!!" Annie screams back. I run after her she is so going to pay for making me think that I didn't make it.

*angry face*

I run down the old wooden stairs jumping the last three before heading to the kitchen and I see Annie sitting on the counter eating Oreos. -_-

I approach her slowly like I would with a wild animal. I'm about to leap on her when our phones beep. We take them out me walking over to Annie since she isn't paying attention and smack her upside the head. "ow!!" she says but i ignore and focus on the text message, i see that it's from Kaylen.

Meet me at the mall cafe i 15 minutes!!" :)


i see that Annie finished the Oreo and is now... wait where is she?

"BOO!!!" i scream and see a scary mask making me scream again. the monster or should i say person i laughing. i glare at Annie and walk upstairs to get shoes. We each have a meeting spot like Kaylen's the mall Kitty's Starbucks Summer's the park Annie's the library (-_-)and i have the Cafe on the corner.

i put on my pink and black vans with white jean shorts and a One Direction shirt. i walk down stairs to see Annie on her phone. she looks up and scrwols at my shirt

i roll my eyes "Annie build a bridge and get over it, i love one direction" its her turn to roll her eyes.

"isn't that Kaylen's line?"

"yep!" i say popping the P i walk out the door with a skipping Annie behind me.She's smiling and listening to music probably her favorite band Hot Chelle Rea. shes twirling and the next thing she does is run into a pole. she yelps and falls on her butt. i hear her mutter

"dang karma is a bitch when it wants to be" as she gets up and skips into the mall pulling me into the cafe seeing everyone else there huge smiles on their faces.

Annie's Pov

"my butt hurts" is what i'm thinking right now as we sit down to discuss what we need when we leave in 2 weeks to get settled in and know our surroundings etc. i pull out my 'Note' and start taking um notes *sheepish smile* ya you could say i'm the nerd of the group but i'm also really good at lacrosse and soccer so i'm not a total nerd. but i put down just normal things



-underwear and bras



-jackets etc

we soon finish and decide on shopping hitting stores like forever 21 and abercrombie. we each get clothes i just got 2 more pair of jeans and some shirts while every one else stalked up besides summer of course.

about a hour later we head home and get ready for the 2 busy weeks a head of us.

2 weeks later Summer's Pov

3:30 am

we are finishing loading the car with my suit case we sent all of our big boxes with most of my clothes, posters, etc a head of time.

"honey you sure you have everything?" said my mom i turn to see her have tears running down her face,

"mom don't cry i'm going to be alright i'll call text and email as much as possible i promise i say pulling her into a hug feeling my eyes well up with tears. i hear my dad honk so i pull away from the hug giving my mom a kiss on the cheek and a last good bye before walking out of the door and into more possibilities.


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