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5 best friends all apply to go to a school in London England called London's arts athletics and academics academy aka the LAAA. . . When the girl decide to go to London the summer before the school year starts they are ecstatic. With the girls by their sides can life get any better? If you are a directioner it can 4/5 if the girls bump into them what will happen when that happens?? Read to find out :)


2. chapter 1

hey guys there is alot of Pov changes and all of them are their reactions to whats about to happen it will end with Kitty PoV and stay there after that to finish the chapter


Kaylen's POV:

i was "cleaning" my room and by cleaning i mean by dancing and singing to the BEST BAND EVER!!!! yep that's right i'm a directioner so build a bridge and get over it jk jk. so i was singing along to "She's Not Afraid" when my phone started singing "Best Song Ever" totally messing up my lyrics :( i walk over to my desk and start trying to find my phone...

*********10 mins later*******

"OMG where the Gods name is it!!!!" i look around "man i wish i had super powers" when i see it on my bed. -_- " wow Kaylen Wow" i think before looking and seeing a text from Kitty. i smile but it soon vanishes since it sounds urgent. its a group text to Annie, Summer, Aydeann, and me.

"Guys meet me at Starbucks in 30 mins"


Yep sounds super urgent. you maybe wondering why i might be worrying well I'm not dressed showered etc so ya problemo over here. so i drop everything including my phone soon realizing what i did. "omg baby are you OK mommy sorry!" i place it on my bed and run to the bathroom showering brushing my teeth etc.

i walk out and into my closet trying to pick an out fit. Since summer just started (ha ha that's my friends name oops gotta get back on track that rhymes XD) i pick out white jean shorts with a pink halter top and pink and white flip flops. i pull my blond hair into a high pony tail looking once again into the mirror i walk out and into the street. wondering what the news is. i walk into Star Bucks seeing Summer and Kitty.

Summer's POV:

i decided on doing a lazy day for my first day of summer vacation. sitting in my room i decided to play a little Just Dance. i was in the middle of my dance battle about to beat my high score when "The Best Song Ever" starts playing through my phone. i scream "i hate this stupid band" i mutter pausing the best game ever created through humanity!!! its a text from Kitty "wonder what she wants" i think unlocking my i phone and reading the text.

"Guys meet me at Starbucks in 30 mins"


i sigh getting up and heading to the shower. i get out pulling on jean shorts and a Sleeping with Sirens shirt having my wet brown hair in a side braid and slipping a black beanie on before grabbing my wallet and skate board and heading to Starbucks.

i was cruising through the park to get there when out of no way i bump into something or someone. "OK WHO THE HELL PUT THAT PERSON THERE!!" i scream. "man now my butt hurts"

"omg i'm so sorry!" he says wait he i look up to see the coolest green eyes ever and a hand reached out to me. i grab his hand quickly.

"thanks and sorry for bumping into you." i say blushes.

"it's fine' he says chuckling "i'm Ashton"

"Summer" i say getting a good look at his face. Ashton has a blonde flow that covers his eyes a little and green eyes. he was well built but that's when i notice that he had a long board with him which just made him a bit more cooler.

"hey I gotta run can I have your number?" he said

"Ya totally here **********" and with that we sped off in opposite direction when I feel my phone buzz.

"Hey it's me Ashton from the park we should talk later"


I smile at the text quickly typing a yes and walking into Starbucks. this summer is already looking awesome.

Aydeann's PoV

I was sitting in the park listening to 1D it was too pretty not to be outside. I looked around and saw little kids running around with parents yelling running after them or not paying attention. I feel my phone buzz and see it's a text from Kitty.

"Guys meet me at Starbucks in 30 mins"


I turn my phone off and bob my head to the beat deciding i'll start walking after She's Not Afraid. all to soon the song ends and "Midnight Memories" came one and I started to skip since I got bored of walking. I was twirling and skipping when I saw Summer talking to a GUY!!!! WTF?!?!?! Never had I ever seen her this calm not stuttering, smack talking before (like ok maybe I have but like still WTF?!?!?) I crept closer turning off my music and hear them exchange numbers. mental note tease and ask Summer about that.

While I was dreaming about what they where (I'm a big dreamer) doing she skated away.. I started walking again sighing wondering who the boy was.

I skipped the rest of the way to Starbucks singing What makes you beautiful eating some funny stares but oh well. I walk into Starbucks seeing everyone but Annie. figures she's always late.... XD silly Annie

Annie's POV

I was across town doing street performing now you may be wondering what i'm doing well i'm singing and playing Guitar you may be wondering why i am doing it across the town well you see i am not that good and i don't want any one i know singing not even my closest friends know -.- probably going to regret that later but oh well.

I'm in the middle of singing "You & I" to be honest I really don't like One Direction i don't like their music it doesn't speak to me but since it is the "hottest band of the year" and what not it helps bring in the dollars. you may call me greedy but i want to save money for my Vacation this year with my Family since i need to bring my own spending money. :(

so i'm singing

"I figured it out

I figured it out from black and white

Seconds and hours

Maybe they had to take some time

I know how it goes

I know how it goes from wrong to right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight like us

Did they ever fight like us

You and I

We don't wanna be like them

We can make it till the end

Nothing can come between you and I

Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us

No nothing can come between you and I

Oh, you and I

I figured it out

Saw the mistakes of up and down

Meet in the middle

There's always room for common ground

I see what it's like

I see what it's like for day and night

Never together

Cause they see things in a different light like us

Did they ever try like us?

You and I

We don't wanna be like them

We can make it till the end

Nothing can come between you and I

Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us

when feel my phone buzz. and it keeps buzzing to no end knowing that its probably Kitty she knows i probably won't answer so she'll annoy me until i do. -.- but i have to keep singing so there i am singing a song from a band i don't like and my short pocket is buzzing yippy but knowing Kitty it must be important.

'Cause You and I

We don't wanna be like them

We can make it till the end

Nothing can come between you and I

Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us

No nothing can come between you and I

Oh, you and I

You and I

We could make it if we try

You and I, you and I"

finally the god damn song is over and i can go and check my millions of text messages and i was correct it was from Kitty.

"Hey guys meet me at starbucks in 30 mins"


and that was 3 or so mins ago and packing up takes a while and its a 30 min drive. well Annie looks like you will be late... Again.. XP.

i quickly pack up collecting the money and hopping in a taxi. the taxi driver was a grumpy pants though he kept on telling me to keep quiet... ya i didn't i kept on singing 'Never Have I Ever" by Hot chelle Rea. i arrived at Starbucks paying the grumpy driver i hop out to see everyone there. They all look Giddy oh boy we are in for something.

Kitty's POV

Before the Text

I was just going through my mail when I see something that catches my eye.

"Go to a school in London England!" I click on it and read the details.

it was very simple send in an application and 6 people will be chosen! You will get an apartment and you may choose a roommate from the winning or you can be by your self enter now deadline is in 1 week from sent date.

I was freaking out! I always wanted to go to London plus One direction lives there!!!! *fan girl scream* I quickly fill out some of my application like the easy stuff. luckily it was sent to day so we have a week to finish the application. I quickly ran to my mom asking for permission and she gave it the thumbs up she quickly filled out the rest and called everyone else's moms while I sent out a text. a lot of then to Annie knowing she won't look at them until it's to late.

I quickly shower blow dry my hair throw on casual clothes my purse phone and walk out the door. it takes me 5 mins to walk so I'm 7 mins early I find a table and order a cup of joe.

Everyone comes in but Annie. they keep in pestering me about what's going on but I keep on telling them not until Annie's here. so we wait and wait and wait she finally gets here. she's carrying a guitar with her weird but that's not important right now.

"Ok now can you tell what you've been hiding?" said summer giddiness in her voice.

"You all want to go to London England right?" I say they all nod their heads eagerly. "well we can we can apply for a boarding school there and it looks so cool!" we all start talking at once with me handing out the applications ad pens we start off with the easy stuff like







We all get thumbs up by our parents that we can apply and if we make it we can go.

"We should only go if everyone gets in" says Annie we all agree nodding our heads and saying yes. so with that we applied for a boarding school in London

Authors note

1 st chapter done!!!!! hope you like it

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