A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9


 Me and Em had to take a different car to the hotel the boys where staying in, and the whole experience was crazy. The girls didn't know what car the boys where in, so they chased them all, and where banging on the doors screaming; it was insane. "I wanna be famous," I whispered while looking out the window. "You will, you're meant for it," She reassured me. "Doubt it, I have literally no talent." 

We finally pulled into the back of the hotel garage, waiting for someone to tell us it was safe to get out. "Alright," Someone said as the door opened "Lets go!" Niall said holding his hand out for Em, she happily grabbed it and gracefully got out of the car. I waited a bit, looking for Harry, but once I saw Em and Niall where about to walk in the hotel I decided he wasn't coming so I jumped out of the car and walked towards the door. 

I caught up to Em, but she was lost looking at Niall, grinning like an idiot, and he did the same towards he. It was a bit sickening, but sweet. Walking into the elevator, my chest started to tighten and I had to work for my breath, it wash't smooth. Taking deep breaths, trying to loosen it up, I shrugged it off. I pulled out my phone out of pure boredom and saw the missed calls from my dad. I sighed and called him back, 

"Destiny? Thank god I was worried sick," He answered the phone. "Dad I'm fine, probably won't get home till late though I me and some friends are going to hang out." My dads old school, protective. I didn't want him knowing I was hanging out with a guy all night, let alone he's a pop star. "Well thats fine, I hope you have fun,""Thanks dad, but hey how was your day?" I asked him, not wanting to walk alone to the room. "It was actually really good, you know that publisher I sent my book to?" "Yeah," 

"Well I had a meeting with them today, and guess what?" He asked excited and eager."they want to buy it?" I asked, "No! They want to publish it, me as the author!" He laughed into the phone. A wave of happiness rushed through my body, unable to process what had actually happened. "Holy shit! Thats amazing, I'm so happy and proud of you!" Em started to star at me and I noticed we where at the room, that was my queue to get off the phone. "Thank you, I'm was so shocked," He told me. "Well I'm happy for you, but I have to go I'll call you later?"

"Yeah, yeah of course. I love you,""I love you too, bye." We hung up and I was startled by someone behind me. 

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend," Harry said opening the door, "Not going to say anything but its kinda rude to be on the phone with your boyfriend while you hanging out with someone," He told me jokingly. "Yeah well its also really rude to not get me from the car, I was like a lost duck." I told him, he shot up his arms, "touché" We laughed and he showed me around the hotel, just in case I needed anything. My chest was still tightened, and it was getting harder to breath, luckily everyone was sitting in the sitting area of the room, hanging out. I sat on a small couch, laying in Harry's arms, with my fingernails digging into my palm in pain. 

"Movie, or drinks?" Louis asked the group, most of them said they didn't mind, "Why don't you do both?" I asked obviously. "well thats fair, I vote for that." Niall said, and everyone else agreed.  Harry got the movie 'Spiderman' on while Louis ordered the drinks since he was the only one old enough here. I took a shot hoping it would loosen my chest up, but failed to do so. 

Twenty minutes into the movie the pain became unbearable, and I went to the bathroom to try to cool down. I did several stretches, attempting to again stretch out my chest. I did sever deep breaths, but it got tighter and tighter. I pulled my hair back in a hair tie, and took my clothes off. I jumped in to a cold shower in an emergency, my chest was to tight, my breaths where short and painful. I sat to where the water hit my chest, and I grabbed my phone and texted my dad. 'Dad, for the past half hour my chest has been tightening and I can't breaths and it hurts.' He immediately texted back, asking on a scale of one to ten what was the pain. I thought for a moment ' eight.' Almost as soon as it sent I got his a call from him. 

"Destiny? What are you doing?" He asked frantic. "I'm sitting in the shower, having cold water on me." I told him almost in tears. "Alright I want you to do exactly what I say okay? Turn the shower off and dry off." I did as he said, grabbing a towel from the cabinet and putting my clothes back on. "Okay done," I said. "Now really quickly find your pulse, and tell me every time it beats." I pulled my arm to my neck, under my jaw line looking for my pulse. "Now, now, now, now, now, now, now-" I said, not having a chance to breath, I cut myself off with a gasp for air. "Destiny is there any veins popping out?" he asked I looked at my arms, and my neck. "Yeah, on my neck" I whispered. "I'm coming to get you with an ambulance text me the address." And without another word he hung up. I texted him the address and told him ill be sitting in the lobby. 

I slowly walked out of the bathroom, going towards Harry and sat down next to him. "Hey what happened?" He asked me. "Nothing, just-" I paused taking a breath trying so hard to hold back tears of pain. "Um I have to go, I'm sorry something came up." I told him. "Oh, are you sure?" I nodded my head. "Do you want me to walk you o-" I shook my head. "No, I'm fine." I grabbed my bag and started to walk out, trying to go the fastest. Just as I was opening the door, Em stopped me.

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