A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


5. Chapter 5


Chapter 5 


I fell off the bed, hitting my head on the floor. "Fucking hell man," I groaned. I heard Em gasp and quickly sat up. "Are you okay?" She asked me. I pushed my body up, in push up position, and let my body plump back down to the ground. "Nope, not happening. What time is it?" I groaned out. "Um," She paused, "Holy shit! It's ten o'clock!" She yelled. I heard her fly out of the bed, and all the energy in my body gave my the strength to push my body up and run to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and slightly combed through my curls, then ran back to my room. Em was already half was dressed, and when I came back in, she ran to the bathroom. "Why didn't we hear the alarm?" I yelled across the hall. "I don't know!" 

Finally after about fifteen minutes I had finished getting dressed, touched up my hair with the curler, and did my make up. "What am I suppose to do with this burn?" I questioned her. "Don't put makeup on it, it will dry out and start to peel," She informed me. It was a dark purple, blue color, with the skin around it red and irritated. "Just, keep your hair to the side, it's not like their going to be looking!" I let out a groan, a long, exaggerated groan, when Em came back into the room. "Come one we have to go!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the chair. "You look hot to be honest, okay wow, way to lower my self-esteem." She complemented me. "Thank you so much, but no, you look so much better oh my god." We bickered about it for a while until we agreed on the fact that we both looked good.  "Come on where gonna miss them!"

Harry's P.O.V

The plane landed, and we were off to another concert in another state. Only 62 days left, then I can go home. I kept reminding my self. It's not that I don't love my job, I do, I love everything about it, what I don't like is being away from home so much. I hate not being normal, never being able to fit in, I mean thats all I've ever wanted, was to fit in, but now that I have this job, no one seems to see I'm normal. 

We walked off the plane, all having head phones in our ears. We stood there waiting for the okay to go to our car. "This is shit." I heard Liam say under his breath, but we all ignored it because to be honest, we all thought the same thing. "Okay, ready?" Our security asked, and we all nodded our heads. "Okay, one, two-" And the door was opened, letting in the screams of our fans. We all put fake smiles on, and waved at the fans. 

After stopping for some autographs, and pictures, we forced our way to the car, through the mob of fans. "They get louder ever time we do this," Louis complained. "Well if they weren't loud, them we wouldn't have a job." Niall shot back. Louis scoffed at Niall, and the car went silent. My legs started to shake, and my fingers fidgeted. I felt, nauseous and nervous, like something was wrong. I pushed the feelings aside and grabbed a water. 

We pulled in the back of the hotel once we arrived, but the closer I was to my room, the worse the feeling got. We all ran through the hotel, avoiding everyone, and just trying to make it to our room. Dodging fans left and right, rushing into elevators, running down silent hall ways. When will it end?

"Finally," Zayn sighed as he closed the door behind us all. We all made our selfs conformable in the room, relaxing since we were all exhausted. "The concert tonight is going to be sick," Louis exclaimed. "Yeah, theres always chicks here we can pick up, aint there Liam," Niall laughed and Liam agreed. "Hey Harry, you picking up a chick tonight?" Zayn asked, "Whats the point of the job if you don't get the girls?" I smirked. But honestly, I hated being like this, traveling the world, and the only thing I look forward to is having meaningless sex, with just another desperate fan; and tonight I don't even feel up to it, I just can't shake this feeling. 

There was knock on the door, after some moments of no one offering to get it, I got up and opened it. "Leaving in two hours." The security said. I groaned,"Got it," and slammed the door. "two hours." I told the guys, and went to the bed room and crashed.

Destiny's P.O.V

"Well this is disappointing," Em said as we finally pulled into the airport after the major traffic jam going in and out. "Definitely," I agreed. We told the taxi to turn the car around and headed for the hotel they where suppose to be staying at. I had this terrible nauseousness, my anxiety what shooting through the roof. "I'm so nervous." I admitted to Em. "Me too, I've about shitted my self already!" We both laughed, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shake this feeling off. 

After about twenty minutes, due to the traffic, we arrived at the hotel. "I have a friend here who said we can get a ride with them, if you want to," Em said. I decided it would save some money that way, so we paid the cab and made our way through the crowd of girls. "I'm praying that the concert won't be this bad," I joked around. "Just wait till they actually walk out."

We met up with Em's friend from twitter, Lilly, who we sat with waiting for the boys. While we waited we talked a bit, and I got to know her. She's 19, living on her own, and was just kicked out of her college. She was actually really short, compared to me, around five-foot. Her hair was blond, long curly, although she had straightened her hair, I could see the hair around her face start to curl already. She had just moved here from Tennessee a few years back, and has been here since. 

I was just about to say something when the crowd of girls around us started to scream, I turned my head and saw him, that boy, the one I loved. The one with big green eyes, curly hair, and a dimple on his cheek. It was Harry; he was standing feet away from me, I could just barley make out his voice, but it was there, I heard it. I saw the way his  mouth moved as he spoke, and the way he shifted his body from person and person. How his hair fell down on his head perfectly. He is real, he is here, he's right there.

Em grabbed my arm, along with Lilly's, and pulled us closer in the crowd. I pulled out my phone and got the camera ready. We pushed, and maneuvered our way towards Harry. My arms where being pulled on painfully by Em, but its worth it, because its him; my everything. We had finally made our way in front of Harry, when someone pushed me. I lost balance, I grabbed on to the only thing I could get a hold of in that mere second, but fell, causing the person I grabbed to fall down as well. 

"Jesus christ man.." I heard the person I pulled down say under their voice. I looked over to see who it was, and to help, but the moment my eyes saw who it was, I didn't want to move. I wanted to run away, and never be seen again. These are the time that you wish you where invisible, or better yet, none existing. 

The crowd of girls around us hushed, and I slowly pushed my self off the pavement. Unable to breath, I squeaked out a "Are you okay?" Before he looked at me. Harry; He looked at me, with his green eyes I've always wanted to see in person, but not like this. He grunted, and started to pick him self up, when I noticed the pavement; there was blood. I looked around on his body to see where it was coming from. His jaw. I gasped as I saw the gash in his face, his beautiful face. "That's enough!" The guards said as they pushed the crowd away from Harry. 

They crowd started to scream, and yell again, just like nothing had every happened. I looked over to Em who was standing there in shock, just staring at me. I felt my eyes starting to water, and my face getting red. A ball started to form in my now sore throat. I looked back at Harry who was shouting at me, and before he could get to me, I ran. I ran as fast as I could, and as far as my legs would take me. I didn't know where I was, or where I was going, but there was no way I was going to stay there for him to yell at me.

I went to the place I knew I could find help.

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