A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


"Hey, I'm home." Beth whispered as she walked in to the apartment door quietly so she wouldn't wake Tom. "Hey" I said back to her as I got up from the couch. "Tom's asleep, and I have food for you in the microwave ready to heat up, I can get it for you if you want?" I offered. She chuckled "No, no its fine. And thank you, for everything." She said smiling. "I haven't done anything yet" I pointed out. She walked towards me and hugged me, "You know what I mean," I nodded. She looked around the place, and asked where Em was. "I had her put Tom to bed, she's probably still reading to him." I explained to her. 

As I finished my sentence, Tom came down tugging Em along with him. "Momma!" He laughed. "Hi Bubby, why aren't you in bed?" She knelt down and gave him a great big hug, twirling him around. "He wanted to be down here when she got home." Em explained. "I wanted to be here for the big present! I couldn't wait! What is it, did you give it to her? I wanna know what it is!" He sputtered out fast. "Whoa whoa slow down there bud- What present?" She asked him. "The big one! I heard Ms. Destiny tell Ms. Emma that she got you a big surprise that will change everything! Did you get it yet? Is it a dog!" She looked at me confused. 

I laughed, "Well it was going to be a surprise…" I trailed off. "What is it?" She asked, holding Tom on her hip. "Well I went to the bank today, and well-" I pulled and envelope out of my purse. "I know its not much but its all I could get right now, I promise I will help you find the rest." She slowly grabbed the envelope from my hand and opened it. She gasped at what she held in her hand and put Tom down. "How much is it?" She asked in awe. "It's only 250, I was thinking you can give your landlord what you have, and ask if you can have a couple extra days if we don't get the rest in time. I know its not a lot but i-" I was cut off by her crying. "Thank you so much, I-I don't know what to say, Thank you!" She hugged me and jumped up and down. "Mommy, mommy, what is it?" Tom asked. "Ms. Destiny gave us something really special, now we don't have to move!" She said tickling him. He jumped around screaming. "Yay! Thank you, thank you!" He sung as he bounce around. "Anything for you guys."

We left Beths' house at Nine, and got home at around nine thirty, my dad sat at the table writing. "How was your day?" He asked without turning from him computer, "Good, I suppose. Yours?" He shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "Actually pretty bad. My book got denied from the publisher, he said it was to melodramatic. Its a thriller, how is it melodramatic?" He ranted. "I'm so sorry dad," I felt terrible, he's worked so hard for everything he has, he deserves to get noticed. "Mr. Destiny's dad, I'm so sorry. People are just so stupid now a days, I've read your rough draft and it was amazing. I would definitely buy it, and I know a lot of people that would also, you just have to wait till the right person comes along to publish it." She told him. I looked at her and mouthed thank you. "You really think so?" He asked, she nodded her head. "Yeah, yeah you're right! It's them missing out, once I get my book published its going to be flying off the shelves! Just wait!" He said, and grabbed his computer and walked to his room. 

I changed into my pajamas and sat on the bed, it was already ten o'clock. "The concerts tomorrow." I said in a dry tone. Em plopped her body right next to mine, and replied, "I know." In the same tone. "Ugh, I have to do my hair-" She exaggerated the 'r. "Awe me too," I stated in a whining voice. "Do you have to shower?" I asked her, "Yeah, do you?" I nodded, "Yeah but you can go first," "Okay." I gave her another towel and she went in the bathroom. I pulled out my phone and started to go through my twitter, and instagram. 'Tomorrows the big day!'  I was so excited, my chest was pounding, my fingers fidgeted, my leg shaking. All I can think about is what I was going to do, what I'm going to say; I just can't wait till tomorrow. 

Em got out of the shower and I got in, this time happy. Letting all those depressing, horrid thoughts crumble, and disappear, it will no longer consume me from the inside out. After jumping in real quick I walked into my room to see Em dancing around in her pajamas singing along to Blink 182. "You know Em, you should go pro." I laughed, but all she did was give me a glare. "Oh stop taking things so serious." I joked again. She grabbed the blow dryer and started drying her hair. After drying my hair I decided to curl my hair for tomorrow, since its the only thing other then a bun I know how to do. 

"So what are you going to say to Harry?" Em asked me with her hair already curled. "What do you mean?" I asked her. She sat up from the bed and started walking around my room. "You know, what are you going to tell him when you see him? I mean I know what I'm going to tell Niall, you have had to of thought about what your going to say to him right?" She asked. "I mean I guess I have-" I let down a piece of hair and picked another piece up. "But you know, you don't know what you're really going to say till you're in the moment. I mean I hope I don't fuck up, but who knows, I'm an awkward person." She agreed, and reassured me I wouldn't mess it up. 

I was just about finished with my hair, only one piece left. I had just finished wrapping it around the barrel when I felt a sneeze coming. I quickly tried to undo the curler from my hair, but it was by my neck when the sneeze finally came. My head flew forward and the iron laid on my neck. I quickly pulled it off. "Fuck" I held my hand on the burn. "I'll get you ice." A few moments later Em came in with a baggie of ice. I thanked her and held it to my neck. "How am I going to talk to them with a burn the size of Long Island on my neck?"

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