A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3


An hour later we decided we blown enough of our money and its time to explore the city a bit. "Its so noisy here," She said laughing "I love it!" I laughed at the irony since I hate the noise most of the time. "Well we can trade states anytime." We took pictures and looked around the city we ended up having lunch, but I decided to just have a salad since of what happened earlier. After I made sure my dad was home, we headed back to my house around half past noon. "Hey I have to go babysit at two, do you want to come or stay at my place or-" I started "I would like to come if i can," She belted out. "Yeah okay sure" I answered while I tried not to laugh. 

By the time we got home it was just about one and we agreed we should go though our clothes and find what were going to wear. "I can't believe were actually going to see them in person." I said to myself, a bit to loud. "I can't believe were actually meeting them. I mean its the boys, our boys, and we're meeting them," She laughed in disbelief. "Its all so unreal," I added. "So what did you get?" She said as she got up and sat next to me. "Um a bunch of useless tank tops, a few shirts, shoes that I will never wear, jea- I don't even remember buying this.." We both laughed. "sounds familiar," She looked at her bags. "Okay lets make it a rule that we can't go into a mall with each other without supervision, okay?" I joked. "Time for the fashion show.." "Um Em? Next time try to sound a bit more excited aha." 

After about a half hour we were finished. Em flopped back on the couch, and sighed, "Well it looks like I'm going to the concert naked" "well you won't be the only one" I went along with it. We had tried on everything we bought, what she brought, and what was in my closet and the only thing we realized is that we suck a spending money. "No, here I'll help you," Em got up and started to go through the mountain of clothing that was centered on the floor of my room. "oooh this is cute- oh and this! Oh my god you have to wear these!" She picked out an outfit and threw it at me. "Now, you're wearing that no buts." I sighed at her and opened my mouth to say something  but she interrupted me by holding her finger up. "No buts." She ordered. "Fine, then I'll pick out your out fit." I pushed my self off my bed and kneeled in the pile of clothing, looking for the best colors that would look good on her. I thought for a bit, staring at the pile until I finally saw it. "This-and this, ah can't for get this- I should be a fashion designer," I said proudly, but jokingly. She laughed and I handed her the outfit. "okay lets try these on, and then we have to get going." I told her and she agreed. 

We looked in the mirror next to each other, and to be honest, we looked pretty good. "You look hot, I think I might get burned standing next to you in the concert." I blushed. "Well you look like you just came out of a pacsun photo-shoot!" "I know I do," We both laughed. I was wearing a tight white and black thin striped long sleeve, a black scarf, and a dark green sweater. For my bottoms I wore a black thick skater skirt, and faux thigh-high tights, and dark green my black Doc. Martians. Ems' was more girly, and feminine, like herself. She wore a thick gray long-sleeve, tucked in to black high waisted shorts, and the same tights as me. She decided she's going to wear a matching scarf as me, and all black converses. "Okay we both look hot, but we should get going. Its already half past one. "Your right."

Three blocks down I babysit a little five year old boy. His mother is a single mom, and has to support him with two jobs, so I watch him him while she's at work until her bother gets there. When I first saw the add I was just looking for some money to help me dad out as much as I can. As I started to get to know the family and their situation became so clear to me, I don't it for free, I just want to help them out so much they're a really good family. The little boys name is Thomas, but he likes to be called Tom. 

Em and I walked up to the familiar rusted door, I took my key to the apartment out and walked in. As the door opened I heard a familiar scream from Tom. "Ms. Destiny's here momma!" He came running up to me and bulldozed in to my legs hugging them. I laughed and said "Hey bud how are you?" As I knelt down to pick him up. "you're getting big aren't you!" I said over enthusiastic for him. "Who's thats?" He asked quickly. "Oh thats Ms. Emma she's my friend thats in town." I told him. "Hi!" She said with the same tone of voice I had. "Hi, I'm Tom!" He said and jumped out of my arms. "Hey Tom, before you start showing her around, would you tell me where your momma is?" He pointed towards the kitchen. "She's not so happy today, a man came by and said we have to move out." He whispered. "Oh my god!" I said kneeling down. "We aren't going to move are we? Who's going to put me to bed?" He asked with big brown eyes, and a pout. "Of course not! They would have to pry me away form this building before you guys move away! I promise nothing is going to happen. Okay?" I held out my pinky and he held out his "Okay," He said and smiled. "Now you go show Ms. Emma around okay?" He shook his head and grabbed her hand. 

I walked to the kitchen and saw Tom's mom, Beth, sitting at the table with bills all over and a beer in her hand. "You alright?" I asked her, and sat next to her at the table. "I'm being evicted. I don't know where I will go, I have no money, no car, I don't know what to do!" She said. Beth was a young mother, having Tom at 16, she's 21 now. Her life has always been a struggle but she always comes through for Tom, I really respect her. "How long do you have to get the money you owe in?" She sighed and pulled a paper out of the scrammed mess. "I have until December 15th to turn in 1,250 dollars. I don't know what to do Destiny." Her head fell in her hands and she started to cry. I rubbed her back and cooed her. "Hey, hey listen to me. Nothing is going to happen to you, or Tom. I will help you find the money, were going to get through this okay?" She looked up at me. "Even with my pay check I need 446 dollars. How are we going to find that?" She asked me. "I will take out a loan, I will get another job, or pawn some of my stuff but I know I'm going to get you the money. I promise nothing is going to happen." She mouthed thank you as she cried. "No need to thank me yet, you have a job to get to." I gave her a hug, she said her goodbyes to Tom, and left. 

I sat down on the couch and watched as Tom and Em played with his toy trucks. "Have you eaten lunch yet Tom?" I asked. He shook his head eagerly. "Okay well Em are you okay of you watch him for a bit while I go get some food for him?" I asked her and she told me it was fine. "Okay thank you, If he wants a snack while I'm gone just give him some apple sauce or fruit or something, just not peanuts he's allergic." "Okay okay I got it." I said by to Tom, gabbed my coat and left. 

I stopped at the bank on the way there, "How may I help you today?" The lady asked me. "Um, I wanted to know can I take money out as a credit if I don't have the money in my account?" I asked, a bit embarrassed. "Well, you can credit your account the money on your card, so yes you can take money out as a credit, but you will have to pay it back with interest." She said, snidely if you ask me. "How much am I aloud to take out as a credit at once?" "250$" Shit. "Okay, what do  I have to do to take it out?" "Just give me your card and I can give it to you."




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