A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


18. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

    The noise of Harry's breathing woke me up, my arms wrapped around him still, my arms lifting in rhythm to his moving chest. The body heat from him, warmed my body and insides. I watched as he slept; I looked at his jaw, the scab that had patched over the injury. Such a beautiful face, such a beautiful heart. Pulling my arms away from him, I silently roll myself out of bed and walk my self into the bathroom where I took a quick shower. I rinsed away the filth from the day before, I washed away the dried tears on my face, and the ones on my arms from Harry; I washed away the evidence of him on my body, but his touch never left my skin. 

I thought a lot about things, about last night, about Harry, about my life, about Tom. My mind was flooding with questions that I feel like I have a responsibility to answer now, to Harry. Why are people so cruel? Its become such a cultural norm that no one questions it as much as they should. How come there are tons of boys and girls out there just like Tom, how come they have to go through that? Why do people not help single mothers, or fathers? When have we forgotten that we, all of us, are people, trying to survive in a world we cannot afford, when have we decided that giving a helping hand to neighbor, is considered weird and unsafe; We live in a society where we make it so we need anthers help to survive, but we don't help do we? We sit in the sidelines and watch as others suffer while we judge, tell me why and when that became a cultural norm.

  Harry's P.O.V 

Slowly becoming more aware of reality as I awoke from my dream, I heard what sounded like a shower turn off. "Shit." I barley maid out from the lowered voice coming from a different room. I heard footsteps, coming closer to the room, light ones, footsteps that barley hit the floor. The door creaked open, "Harry? You awake?" Destiny whispered, but I stayed silent, pretending I was still asleep. "What ever you do, don't open your eyes." The doors quietly closed, and she walked to her closet in front of my. "Oh please don't open your eyes…" She worriedly whispered to herself. I cracked one of my eyes open and saw her standing there back to me, in nothing but underwear. I waited for her to turn around, my stomach started to twist, and my heart rate turned rapid within seconds. 

I watched her back move as she moved, plowing through close, looking for something to put on, but I didn't want her to; I wanted to stare at her forever. She was a piece of art that needed to be on display, her perfect skin, reflected the light off her muscles that covered her back. She grabbed some clothes and started to turn, I got excited, I waited to see the font of her, to see the rest of her body; Immediately my mood changed. I froze, the world around my stood still and I was forced to look at something so painful. My eyes hand fallen right on her hips, I looked at the carefully marked scars that filled up every inch of her beautiful hips. They where dark, and purple, puffed up, making valleys in her. My eye's moved up, to look at her, and they fell on faint, white and purple scars, identical to the ones on her hips, laying on her ribcage. My eyes immediately closed shut, I had lost control of my mind, my body was no longer warm. Her touch that was still left on my skin felt cold, no longer comforting. 

I grew sick, and nauseous, I felt like all my nerves in my body where pushing onto my stomach, making me want to throw up, but I didn't. I didn't do anything, I stayed there eyes squeezed shut, wishing that if I closed them tight enough everything would go away, that I could forget this, but that didn't happen. The images stayed in my mind, burned into my mind, I felt the image grow bigger and bigger, and I felt it dig deeper and deeper in my memory. 

I laid there, still, barely moving my chest when breathing. I wanted to run away from this, from everything, I didn't know what was happening anymore. "Why?" My voice cracked, due to threatening tears, and morning voice. "Fucking hell!" She screamed and quickly covered her body with a pile of close. "Destiny I don't care, why would you do something like that?" I asked, stern and concerned. Her eyes look lost, and gone, she doesn't look how she use too,"Turn around, let me get dressed." Her voice was colder then the air that whipped around the room. 

"I'm finished Harry, and how about you go to bed, it's early," She told me, walking out of the room."Wait! Destiny-" I called for her, but she turned around. "Not- now Harry. It's over, forget about it." She said so harsh, so mean. It was dark and no longer inviting. I was startled at the change of voice, and personality, I was confused as to who was real, and who was just a mask for protection. 

I did as she said, I stayed in bed, I listened to the raspy noise of the heater run in the old apartment. I had no idea what to think, nothing to say, nothing to feel. "This is fucking bullshit." I mumbled under my breath, and just as I finished I heard a scream followed by yelling coming from the other room. I quickly sat up and tried to listen; It was Destiny, I'm sure of it, but I couldn't understand what was being said. I stretched, and began to get out of bed, to check on her, but was caught off guard by the loud crash of something being thrown at the wall. I grabbed my t-shirt that was on the ground and ran to see what was happening. 

I walked in to the living room to see Destiny pacing back and forth, hystarically crying, ripping at her hair. "I'm so fucking worthless!" She cried out, and started to throw a lamp. It hit the ground, causing a loud bang, and pieces of glass to shader everywhere. "I can't fucking take it anymore." She cried, bringing her hands to her face, crying into them as she slowly sat down onto the ground onto the glass pieces. Stunned and in shock  I stood there until her father ran into the room. "No! No, no, no!" He yelled, and ran to her side. "Destiny! Listen to me, what did you take, tell me!" He shook her frail body while she cried. "Leave me alone!" She wailed. Her cries became weaker. "Destiny!" He shouted. "Please tell me." He pleaded for the answer. He looked her into the eyes for a moment until she pointed the open bottle of bleach sitting on the floor.

"Harry! Get the milk quick!" He shouted, and I ran for the fridge, grabbing the carton of mild, and bringing it to her side. "Make her drink it now!" He demanded me to do. I quickly opened the carton and tried to pour it into her mouth, but she wouldn't budge. "Destiny, open your mouth please!" I whisper to her. "No!" She cried. I pinned her down to the ground, pinching her nose so she would open her mouth, when she did I slipped my fingers into her mouth and held it open while I poured milk into her mouth. When she finally stopped fighting, I sat her up and had her drink the rest of the milk until the paramedics came.

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