A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Destiny's P.O.V

Tom was squirming in my hands, begging me to set him down. I set him down on his feet and he joyfully ran towards Harry. "Lemme see!" He said, pointing at his tattoos, giggling at his own words. Harry knelt down, showing him the carefully inked markings that ran all along his arm, one by one I watched as Tom grew wide eyed, and awed at these pictures on his arm. I took the time to see what their was for dinner, walking into the kitchen. 

Searching threw the empty cabinets, looking for something I could scrap up for them. Nothing. I sighed and pulled down a box of mac&cheese when I heard a shout coming from the other room.  I was startled, and scared as to what happened, and I quickly ran to the living room. I looked around the room, anxious to see what was happening. I saw Harry standing, looking down at Tom, who was sitting on the floor. 

"What the happened?" I asked. "Nothing." Harry barked at me, I could feel the spite that was in his words in the air, the anger. Tom turned towards me, tears coming from his eyes, he was scared. "Tom," I whispered, and ran over to his side. "What the hell happened Harry!" I yelled at him, now more pissed off then ever. "I said nothing." He growled under his breath, sitting down, looking through his phone. "Tom go up stairs and start your books I'll be up in a bit." I told him, and without a second thought, he ran up the stairs. 

I walked over to where Harry was sitting and grabbed his phone out of his hand and threw it on the couch. "I fucking swear." He said before standing up and grabbing my arm. Looking in his eyes, I spoke one last time, growling the words that where vibrating out of my mouth. "What the fuck happened." He looked at my eyes, and threw my arm down. "I fucking asked the little brat if his mother was single, and you know what he said? yeah, but my mommy doesn't like people like you. So I asked him what he meant, and he didn't reply, so I grabbed his arm and yelled at him. He's a fucking twat." He went on about what had happened, I stood there, speechless, and furious. 

"You are so fucking stupid, I don't care what the hell he said to you you don't ever put your fucking hands on a fucking four year old. And second of all, his mom is a fucking lesbian, she likes girls! He meant men, you fucking idiot, you're so selfish!" I watched as his face changed, as if regret was the only thing on his mind, confusion. I settled my face, calming down when his immediately changed. "Like I care." He scolded. "Well I do, that kid has been through more then you and I fucking combined." I told him, "Like what? What can a fucking baby go through that is so damn hard." He proclaimed. "Why don't you just go up there and ask him your self." I spoke to him, more as a whisper, twirling around, walking back towards the kitchen. 


Harry's P.O.V

I stood there by myself, thinking about what to do. Curious as to what she was talking about, I walked up the stairs, searching threw doors, until I found him sitting in his room with books in his hand. I knocked on the door and made my way towards the bed, making myself feel at home. "Whats your story?" I asked while I threw a baseball around. "I don't understand," He stuttered out, not looking up from his book. "What have you been through, tell me about your life." He looked at me, big eyed and all and didn't say a word. "Look I'm sorry I yelled at you, it was wrong of me." I muttered under my breath. He crawled on top of the bed next to me, laying his head besides mine.

"There was this mean, mean man, he use to hit my mommy, I don't really remember since I was reeeeally little. He was really mean, and would take away my food, my mommy tried to give me some, but every time he would drag her into the room and I wouldn't see her for days. He use to take this special medicine that made him all funny, it was really really scary. On my birthday one time, he took me into his room and did stuff to me. It made me feel funny but I told him to stop, he wouldn't listen. 

"I had to go to the doctors once because of how hard he would hit me, thats when the superheros took the mean man away. After that me and mommy moved here, she tells me he will never hurt us again. I still get nightmares, he was really scary. It's okay though, I forgive him. Ms. Destiny says that we shouldn't be mean to people, but to forgive people, because they don't have anyone there to tell them to play nice." He told me, just like he would tell a story, a story about a child being abused, and how he found in his heart to forgive him.. I was shocked, and ashamed of how I acted, this little kid doesn't need anymore of that. "Did I remind you of the mean man?" I choked out, trying not to tear at his story. He slowly looked over to me, staring into my eyes. He slowly nodded and looked away. "Well I promise you I will never be like that again."

We talked for the next half hour or so, he messed about with his toys, joking around. I saw me in him, before the world came in to my life, he was so innocent. He played with monster trucks and super-hero action figures; Making them fly and fighting the villain. He told a story with his eyes, the twinkly of happiness when the superhero won, it was warming. His laugh, it was contagious, no matter how hard you try to fight it, as if his laughter was a spreading disease, or a cure, a cure for the broken hearts out there.

"Tom! Harry! Come on now, dinner, and bring your books!" Destiny shouted up the stairs. Tom grabbed his books and flew out the door and I heard his weightless feet hit the stairs running down. I sat up and quickly followed, walking over, into the kitchen, making eye contact with Destiny. We at mac&cheese for dinner, and we helped Tom with his pre-school-prep books before his mother came home, and we were out the door on walking our selves to her apartment.


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