A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

We spent the next two months texting while he was no tour, I got to learn more about him then I could ever imagine. I learned that he preferred coffee over tea, and how he likes it, I learned that he's a morning person. I learned what he thinks of the world, and I was finally there to tell him how important he was when the media took it to far. I was living the life every fan wishes to live, but now that I have it, it doesn't feel right. With all the things I love about him, and more with what I've learned about him, I found things that aren't right. Things that I would of never thought he would be capable of, things that I personally think is wrong. Like the women he dates, he dates them for the media attention, its not the management that does it, its him. He pulls that attention towards him self, then plays the innocent card. I mean it works, but its not right, none of it is right. 

When I got out of the hospital I got two jobs to help Beth pay for her place, and to pay the bank back. I worked full time at a small department store, and full time at a spa washing the towels. It was hard work. I had to lift boxes, and pounds of clothing everyday. It worried my dad, he's always worrying about my lungs, always telling me to take it easy, but she was my friend, I had to help. She has a little boy to take care of, a little boy that has became apart of my life, a big part of my life. They both have been there for me, making me laugh, always there to lend a helping hand, giving me a shoulder to cry on. 


Em flew back to Ohio a few days later, leaving me alone in the most confusing time of my life. We still talk everyday, and she tells me about how her and Niall are going, and from what I heard they really hit it off. I mean he's really sweet, and has the perfect personality for her. At the moment they couldn't have a better relationship. He invited her to go on tour with them, until the got to Ohio, but she couldn't since she had to be back on a certain day to retake a test for a class she failed last year. 


I was in the hospital for three days, all of which Harry was there with me. It was a bit weird, having him there with me in my time of need, I no longer had to imagine it, it was actually happening. As you could imagine, Harry going to a hospital for three days straight, and then leaving the hospital with a girl, was starting up some drama. Rumors started, some understandable and nice, others were ridiculous and mean. I got so many new people blowing up my twitter, and my youtube, I had to stop making videos for a while because of it. 


I saw all these fans, so many different fans, some were so rude, and hurtful, and down right disgusting, then there were others. They were nice, and supportive, they cared about Harry, and they didn't care if we were friends or more, they just wanted to see him happy. Those fans were the ones that got me, because they were so loving and supportive no matter what, and for them to not know whats going on it sucks. Knowing how they feel I can tell you it really does, it sucks, supporting this person you love, no matter what, being there for them, but then not knowing what I'm supporting in the first place. I felt so bad, I wanted to say something, but I was told not to, to just let it die down. 


After a while of waiting, it did the complete opposite. Fans saw me in the streets, on the subway, at work… My life was limited, as to where I could go, at what time, and who was going to be there. I went straight to work, straight home, and if I had to watch Tom I would have to spend the night. It was stressful, now knowing what will happen if you have to run up to the corner store for something, you know what are they capable of? The question haunted me for days, not knowing what to expect. 


After a week of the it not dying down, and things just getting worse, I answered everyones questions. 

"Harry and I are not dating, we are friends. He was there at the hospital with me while I was sick as support, as a friend. I hope you guys understand that I wouldn't go behind your guys's back like that."

I didn't have enough time to refresh before the mentions started flying in. People asking more about our friendship, and about Harry. They where questioning me, and insulting me. I tried to answer as many as I could truthfully but the more I answered, the more the questions came in. I was scared, and wondered if I did the right thing, so naturally I turned to Em. 

"Destiny, you can't let that stuff get to you, you have to ignore it. Its the only way you can get through this. Make some hot chocolate, get a good movie, and relax in some relaxing clothes. You know I will always help you with anything, but if I step in its going to get bigger, and even more complicated then it is. I just don't want you to go through that, so for now just ignore it. Eventually they will have something else to talk about." She cooed to me over the phone.

"You're right Em, thank you." I appreciate everything Em has done for me, she's a life saver. 

"Of course I am, so go put on a movie, and then brag to me on how I don't have T.V. I love you,"

"I love you too Em." 


I fell asleep to Sex in the City playing in the background, but soon being rudely woken up by my phone ringing off the chain. I composed myself and answered. 

"Destiny? Hey it's Harry, why didn't you tell me what was going on?" He spoke as soon as the phone hit my ear. I laughed and took it as a joke,

"Well 'hi' to you too Harry, no my days great thanks for asking!" He let out a serious, deep groan through the phone, and I realized he wasn't joking.

"Harry whats wrong?" I asked him, "I told you to leave it alone! To let it die down! Why didn't you listen!" He shouted through the phone, "Because people started seeing me on the streets, fans, and then my twitter was blowing up, I just felt like I was trapped in, like it was answer or everyone will hate me." I honestly answered, thinking he would understand. Instead of doing that, he pinpointed me getting stopped on the streets.

"What do you mean they're stopping you on the streets? What are they saying? Are  they being rude?" He asked truly concerned. "I mean yeah some of them were being rude, and threatening to be honest, but there were a few nice ones who just wanted a picture, I have no idea why-" "-Damn it Destiny! Now I have to come down there, fuck. I told you to not say anything!" His anger was spit out through the phone, it was like I could feel it hitting me in the face, slapping me like a fish. I wasn't use to this, I've never seen him act like this, it was all so new. 

"Woah, first of don't yell at me, and second off who said you needed to come here, huh? Seriously calm down." I spat back at him. "I'm- I'm sorry, its just I'm really worried about you. I want to come down there and make sure everything is okay, is that alright with you?" He asked in a tone a voice I was familiar with, like it was two people talking on the phone, I just have to figure out who's the real one. 

"Of course it is, Harry. You're always welcome here."

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