A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

 Harry's P.O.V

We sat in a black SUV waiting till we got to the hospital. The car was silent, and the anxiety and tension that was in the air was thick, and tough to breath. My thoughts scattered all around my mind, not having any organization. I needed her for sex, I needed her for sex. I don't care about her. You don't, you want her body, not her. I needed to convince myself that I don't care for her, because that would be crazy wouldn't it? was in my own thoughts when Em ask me a question. "Huh?" I replied, not realizing what she was saying. "I asked you what you meant by get to know Destiny more." She said, her eyes burning through my flesh waiting for the answer. "I don't know, she seemed really sweet, but it all depends on where the night would of taken us. I would love to be friends." I smirked. "Well I'm not trying to be that friend, but I guess I have to be," She took a pause,


"Destiny is very trusting towards other, and she gets really attached to people to be there with her. She's sweet and innocent, and gets hurt really easily. I'm not saying to not get involved with her as a friend, I'm just trying to say I don't think she can handle another fall like that you know?" She asked, "I think I understand," I just wanted this conversation to be over. "She's been throughout a lot, just take it slow." I scoffed at her. "What?" She asked, "A lot, really? She's a pretty girl from New York, not much you can go wrong with that." She looked at me shocked. "Whats that suppose to mean?" I took a deep breath, "It mean's that I'm sick of people saying they've been through a lot when they basically have their easy-go life handed to them."


The expression in her face was not made or angry, and no longer confused, it was sympathetic. "And if you believe that, maybe its you who needs her." She said and the conversation was over, no words where spoken. He answer was left to linger in my mind trying to understand what she has said. ​What does she mean? I don't need her, I don't need anyone. People need to see that their lives aren't as pitiful as they make it out to be. It's sickening really. But what does she mean by I need her? Why would I need her, is she going to try and convince me she's had a hard life? What is she going to do?


 The car came to a stop, jerking both forward. Em jumped out of the car and went straight through the front doors, leaving me alone to walk in. I waited to make sure the coast was clear, then put my sunglasses on and hurried into the hospital with my head down. When I got in the place was basically empty, only the two front people at the desk. I saw Em just as she was getting in to the elevator. I called out for her to stop, she looked back and motioned me to hurry. "You know its really rude to leave me alone in the car," I told her as I walk in to the elevator, "Oh like you did to Destiny? I just thought it was the nice thing to do now a days." I didn't know what to say, I mean I guess she has a point. 


Destiny's P.O.V


 I heard Em walk  in, and I immediately sat up and pulled my gown down so she could see the tube. "Em I finally got life su-" I stopped in  the middle of my terrible joke, when I noticed that Harry was with her. I quickly turned and pulled my gown up. "Em!" I cried while fixing my hair. "I'm sorry it wasn't me I promise! It was Niall!" She explained. I sighed and let her know it was fine. "I just never thought you would bring him here." I admitted. "I wanted to come, basically begged her." He said wile walking over to me. Em and Harry were both sitting on either side of me, we were all laughing when my dad walked in. 


"Hey sweet- Oh Hi Emma," He said and then turned to Harry, "Dad this is Harry, he was one of the people I was hanging out with." I was anxious as to what his reaction was going to be. I watched him as he motioned to Harry to follow him, I quickly looked over to Em. She shrugged his shoulders, telling me to not to worry. While Harry and my dad walked out of the room I started to speak.


"I want him Em." Unknowing what I meant, I went on, "I need him." She placed her hand on mine. "He needs you more then you need him." She said softly. What she had meant by that, I don't understand. The feeling of need I have for him is like none other, theres no way anyone can have that need, not like him. 


Harry came back in the room without my dad, his shoulders where shrugged. He sat down next to me, and spoke. "How you doing?" He asked, I shrugged "Theres a hole in my chest but I'm fine." I answered honestly. "Destiny, why didn't you tell me?" He asked concerned, I looked at my hands. "I had just met you, I didn't want to make it look like I was this dramatic person-" I paused. "I was embarrassed to be honest." He was taken back, and then chuckled. "You had to go to the hospital babe, health comes before anything, if you didn't make it down stairs in time who knows what would of happened…" He trailed off. "I suppose you're right." I admitted. "I am, and thats why I'm giving you my number, you can text or call me whenever something like this happens, or when you just want to chat," He said smirking at me, and winking. "Sounds like a plan?"


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