A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

 "Hey!" Em called out, walking over to me, Niall by her side."Shhh" the others said in sync. The three of us walked out of the room and into the hall, Em tried to talk to me, but I stopped her. "I have to go now, you stay, please I have to go now, my dads getting me." Pain unbearable now I sat down crying. I handed her my phone, showing her my conversion with my dad. Em grabbed my chin and looked at my face, rotating it. She felt my pulse and told Niall to call for a wheel chair. "I can carry her." He said, I couldn't speak, or breath. My chest has failed now, and I was gasping for air. "She needs to get down stairs," She said, and Niall picked me up, jogging to the stairs. Luckily we were only three stories up. Within seconds we where on the first floor. 


Minutes later the ambulance showed up and my father wasn't far behind. They gave me a oxygen hand pumper, and I started to breath. They gave me an I.V. and put me on a stretcher, taking me out with Em and my dad following. "Em, please stay. I need you to make sure no one else finds out, please." She agreed, and told me she would come see me first thing in the morning. 


I started to get dizzy and light headed, unlike ever before. "Hey, hey Destiny it's going to be alright, just stay with me. Are you under the influence right now?" He asked me. "I took a shot to try to loosen my chest up, but thats it. It was after it started." I told him weak. "Are you allergic to anything that might of caused this." I shock my head. "Did you do anything that might oh caused any trauma to your chest?" The memory was so vivid, so obvious. "I dropped to the ground on my side." The pain in my hip had just now became noticeable, it was washed out by my chest pain. "Which side." Before I could speak my body body started to numb. I felt weightless, and everything was hazy, and moments later I blacked out. 


I woke up in the hospital with beeping machines all around, I looked around the room trying to see a familiar face. I found my dad sitting on a chair next to me, fast asleep. I slowly sat up, but stopped suddenly when I realized there was a tube in my chest. "Dad." I said scared. He quickly sat up as he discerned what was happening. "Destiny," He gave me a hug and a kiss on the head. "What is this? Why is there a tube in my chest?" I worried. "Sweetie you're fine-" He tried to calm me down. "No! I'm not fine! I have a tube in my chest, theirs a hole where skin should be I'm obviously not fine!" I shouted at him. He looked down at his hands disappointed, I felt bad, he was just trying to give me reassurance but all I did was shoot him down. "Dad I'm sorry, I'm just really scared is all. I didn't mean to snap on you like that." He forgave me and said he under stood. "Your lung collapsed, the doctor said that it was going to happen any day now, and that the fall most likely sped things up." He explained to me, "What does that mean? My lung collapsed?" I asked. "It means the surrounding wall broke, and the air in your lung started to fill up in your chest, putting pressure against your heart. Since you were taking short breaths, your heart didn't get a lot of oxygen so it started to struggle." He pointed to the tube in my chest.

"That it allowing the air to flow out so your lung can re-expaned." He told me. "So whats going to happen?" "You're going to be fine, everything is going to be fine." 

Harry's P.O.V


I slept in a separate hotel room then the boys, I got thinking Destiny was going to stay the night. I Walked to the bathroom groggy and feeling like I got hit with a bus. After I brushed my teeth and washed my face I thought that it would be better if I ate breakfast with everyone else, so I grabbed my stuff and walked over there. 


"What a bust-" I said as I walked in to the room angry, but stopping when I realized that Destiny's friend was still here. I looked around the room and saw the boys, just about in fits sitting at the table, I gave them a glare and saved my self. "The phone in my room didn't work." I quickly said, while sitting down on the couch opposite of Niall and the girl. "Well that is a bust," She said sympathetic.


"Names Emma right?" She nodded her head to the question. "You can call me Em," I shrugged my shoulders. "Well Em, where did Destiny go last night, I was hoping I would get to know her more-" "Yeah way more!" Louis laughed in the background, I threw a pillow at him and turned back to Em who was looking a bit stiff. "She- she uh had to go somewhere." She stuttered. 


I sighed sitting back in the couch, "So she does have a boyfriend- phht I knew it." She shook her head, "Oh no, no she doesn't. She just had something really impor-" Niall cut her off "She had to go to the hospital, don't worry." I was a bit shocked at what I just heard. Hospital? For what? For who? Is she okay, was it the shot? I looked up to ask Em who looked annoyed at Niall. "What do you mean?" I asked her, "Well she didn't want you to know but, she was having some chest pains and trouble breathing, so yeah, she went to the hospital. Which reminds me I have to get going-" She grabbed her stuff and stood up. "Can I come? I would of done something if I knew…" She looked at me for a while, "I just don't want there to be people everywhere and screaming girls. She needs to rest." I nodded my head, understanding what she was saying. "I promise if it gets to out of control I will leave."

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