A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter one


The cold, bitter wind wiped at my now numb nose as I walked down the streets of New York as I did every day on my way from babysitting. I walked with a steady pace, not seeming eager; after growing up in these streets I know what can cause attention and what doesn't. I was brought here when I was just a mere infant, in the dreams of my father to one day become a writer; we are originally from Central, Florida. I know, a drastic change right? But my dad has always been so happy here, so I don't question it. My father, James, was all I had, he raised me on his own when my mother left us for another man. Even though it was a struggle for him, and what a terrible thing my mother, Cathrin, did he has never talked bad about her, and thats why I respect my father so much, he was a strong man, and was such a loving person, putting everyone before him self. I opened the rusted, old door to our 'new' apartment, to see my father sitting on an old wooden chair he must of found in a dumpster or something. "Whats up pops?" I ask him as I set my bag down on the floor, and walking over to him to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Oh nothing just unpacking, well I was until I got a brain storm and I couldn't risk forgetting." He told me excitedly, I giggled at his eagerness. As I said, he's a writer, nothing more then a few children's books, but he dreams of being a big author like John Green or Suzanne Collins I suppose. "Honey can you do me a favor and get me my laptop from the other room?" He asked. "Yeah sure." I said before I took a water out of the fridge. 


I came back from the room and was surprised to see ballon's and a cake sitting in the living room. "Happy birthday!!" My dad shouted at me. I smiled and ran to give him a hug. "Thank you so so much, but you didn't have to do this you know that!" I thanked him. "I know, but I didn't have a lot of money since we just moved so I though I would make it up to you a little, so SURPRISE!" He said before stretching a cheesy birthday hat on my head. "You are so sweet thank you." I thanked him again, and then started to cut myself a piece of cake. "And I also have a spiderman movie marathon planned for us" I said and smiled cheekily. I smiled at him and dug in to my cake with him across from me. 


Destiny, Destiny Rain is my name, and today is my eighteenth birthday, November 24th. My father says I resemble my mother a lot, which I don't mind, she was beautiful head-to-toe. I'm tall, very tall for a full italian; 5'7 just like my mom. My hair hair is pretty long, and a medium color brown; my father calls me coffee bean since I'm the only one in my family -besides my great grandmother- who has brown hair, and because I drink coffee a lot. My eyes are an aqua blue with a brown surrounding edge, my father said that they where just like his grandmothers. Other then that my face and body is just as normal as anyone else's, like my mothers. Personality wise, I'm just like my father I like to think, a quiet, nice, caring person, who is not as good as jokes as we think. I think thats why me and my father get along so much, we aren't people who are 'social butterflies' We like to stay home, and read or rest, rather then go clubbing; so we don't argue about most stuff that a typical teenager would. 


When the last movie finally ended I was about exhausted. "Okay well thanks for the birthday, it was great, but I'm heading off to bed now, just call me if you need me." I said as I pushed my body off the couch, but just as I started to walk to my room he stopped me. "Wait come here, I haven't even given you you're present!" He said in excitement and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a card. "Dad you didn't have to real-" I stopped myself and grabbed the card, jumping back on the couch "what is it?" I asked with big eyes, eagerly. He laughed at my child-like behavior. "Slow down, let me get my camera." He told me. I sighed a sarcastic, and over exaggerated sigh. Finally he got back and turned the camera on, he let me open it. "I'm scared" I said with a light laugh as I pulled out the card that, on the front, read 'To the one who has trouble smiling; you deserve this.' I teared at the cover alone. I've been attempting to recover from anorexia and depression for quite some time, but my dad has been really supportive, and not at all pushing me to recover, he's letting me go at my own pace, since he could only imagine how hard it must be for me. "Thank you" I smiled at the camera, and dad. "Thats not it, open it." He told me. In side was another envelope and writing that said 'Destiny, I don't know what my life would be like without you, and I don't want to know what it feels like ever. So thats why I can not explain how thankful I am that there is a person out there that makes you happy, and helped you through such a dark time of your life, so thats why you are getting a chance to meet 'em.' Shocked, and confused I looked at him "wait what?" I asked, but he said nothing, and pointed to the second envelope. Not questioning it, I slowly open the envelope. 


Amazed, and star-struck I was word deprived once I had seen what was in the envelope. Tears where the only thing that was coming out of me at the moment. My heart has skipped a beat, and my lungs have slowed down, because in my hand I help two UVIP concert tickets for One Direction. "Dad how did you get these?" I asked him looking up. "I've been saving…" He said. "Thank you dad, I-I don't know what to say! Thank you!" I thanked him for the hundredth time today. "Don't thank me yet, the best hasn't arrived." He smiled at me. "What do you mean? What can get any better then this! First the cake, then the movie marathon, and now this! Really what can top this!" I say jumping up and down. "Well thats what you are going to find out, come here." He told me. I walked over to him and he put a scarf around my eyes. "Is this really necessary? It's a bit childish dad" I let him know. "Oh just shush and listen to me?" So I did as he said. 


He led me down the cold, damp hallway and with every step the floorboards under us creaked. "Okay just about here.." He said before I heard a obviously rusted hinges of a door open. "Where are we going?" I ask him curiously. "Your room." He said quickly. I let out another exaggerated sigh, and finally he told me I could take the scarf off. I did it slowly, and as the scarf came off my eyes, and my eyes started to adjusted to the bright light in my room, I soon came in to focus on a person standing there before my eyes. My brain searched for the face that was looking me in the eyes, and soon there was a match. "EMMA?" I scream and jump into her arms. "EMMA OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT EMMA!" I hugged her long and hard. "DESTINY !" She said back to me. "I can't believe its you!" I admit to her as we break apart. "I can't believe its you!" She agrees. 


Emma has been my best-friend for the past 3 years, and only friend really. We met over twitter since we had similar accounts, and after a few hours of talking we had found out that we have just about everything in common, except where we live. She lives in a small town in Ohio, so this is the very first time meeting her, as you can imagine I'm pretty excited. Emma is literally one of the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen, both on the out side, and in. She is an average height, about 5'5, but she thinks she's small. She has really dark brown hair, that is the same length as mine. Her eyes are bright light blue that are always lit up. 


"How did you get here?" I question her. "Your dad got ahold of me and we set this us about a month ago" She said. "Dad! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" "You're welcome coffee bean, you deserve it." He said before kissing my head and walk out. "I'm so sorry you had to sit in here for over 3 hours while I watched movies with my dad." I apologized. "It's fine, I needed some sleep anyways." She said smiling. "I just can't believe its you!" I squealed. "Me neither!" She replied. For the rest of the night we talked, laughed, and really just talked. We made up a hand shake, and made a promise to each other. We crossed our fingers and promised 'I here by promise that no matter what comes our way, we will never let anything come between us, and never leave another behind.' And after that said, we kissed our hands. Childish, but she was my best friend, my only friend and I thought it would be fun to try out.


We laid there in a cold, dead silence, not knowing what else to say. "So whens the concert?" Em asked me. "Uhm let me check." I said before I rolled off my bed and pulled off the bulletin-board. 'Uh it says November 26th." I told her. "Ah so close." She said and dramatically clenched her heart. I laughed and flopped down on the bed next to her. "I know right." We changed in to pajamas, turned on some music, and fell asleep singing along to the words.


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