He saved me

Lily has a bad childhood. What will happen when Derek comes in to her life? Will he make it worse or better?


3. flashback

Lily's pov

This is how it all started: "is everyone ready to go?"my dad asked. My mom and me both chimed in a "yeah". Did I mention I'm an only child? Well I am. We were on our way to our annual Christmas lunch. We were almost to were we always went our mountain (yes we were rich we owned a mountain). We were about 5 minutes away from the mountain when a drunk driver crashed in to our car. Me and my mom survived but my dad didn't. Since then my mom has found a new husband and is in love. But she doesn't know that I've been abused by him while she's at work. I hope that she finds out soon because if I tell her I would be beat so bad. But now I think I have fallen in love with the schools bad boy.

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