This story is about two sisters and an extended family secret, a secret that they kept from the newest generation. What happens when that secret comes back for them, how will this generation deal with it. Will a group of Viners help them out a long with some friends? Read on and find out.


1. How it started

Jessica's pov

"Go Run and take you sister, I promise I will call you later but take this" she handed me a crumpled paper and two backpacks "it has everything you need. Cassandra!!!" She yelled getting my sister out of bed "I promise me and your dad will see you soon but, take that it'll take you where you need to go. Protect your sister and hurry alright!"

"Alright mother, see you soon? I guess." I said holding my sisters hand and following my mum.

She opened the staircase door and pushed us in entering along with us. She locked the door and turned the light on. She went to where the clothes were hung and pushed them aside, she then opened a locked crawlspace and pushed me and Cassandra. She flipped a switch and candles lit up.

"Read the paper. Bye girls, I will see you again. I promise." She said then left and locked the door, I can hear it being covered up with clothes and some boxes. After that I could hear a light switch and two pairs of feet running for a door that's near the staircase. I thought it was strange because there are no doors around the staircase.

"Sis you should read the paper now." Cassandra (my seven year old sister) whispered.

"Okay" I whispered back the paper said

Dear girls, if you are reading this right now stay completely quiet. There are people coming after us, the reason we aren't with you is because it is safer this way. It is because the men are after me and your father not you but, if they knew about you they'd get you as well. The reason they're after us is very hard to explain we are in a very powerful group called GM-UNION. But you must follow the map on the bottom of this page to learn more. Bye girls see you soon.


Mom and Dad


A/N: Hello readers and thank you if you read this. Just comment if you want me to update and the image of the map was just some random picture I got from Google. Sorry if I did something wrong. This is my first movella that I haven't shared.

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