Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


6. Under the willow tree

'Mom!" I rush to her side. "Mom can you hear me?" I turn her to her side. She is dead. I grab the photo albums and flip though the pages. I land on one. Me and my mom under the willow tree. The willow tree. I get up and run run as fast as I can but not losing my grip on the photo albums. I stop when I reach the willow tree. The willow tree once so vibrant and so full of life now dull but still full of memories. i sit under the tree and place the photo albums on my knees witch are covered with cuts and scraps due to kneeling on the glass. I open one of the pages and pull out a ticket. Its a plane ticket that goes to Utah. It's dated today July 12th. She knew. Mom knew I would need this. But how? How?

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