Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


26. The tour


    A/N There will be multiple point of views in this chapter-Starlight32

 my head was spinning that date was so fun and she looks so amazing. When we got home I asked her if she would come on tour with me and the guys. ''I guess'' she says her voice shaking. ''Great'' I will tell the guy and we can go to the movies or something like that. ''Okay'' she says ''I'm going to go change bye.''  ''Bye  im gonna go to bed.''  ''KK'' she says. I quickly fall asleep and dream of nothingness.


     When i finish changing I walk out and Louis is already asleep. i walk over to my bed and fall asleep.  ''Honey go get some milk from the fridge'' my mother asks in a hushed voice. "okay mom.'' i walk up to the fridge and grab some milk. ''Here you go." *ding dong* "It is probably for you ari" my dad says nodding to the door. I open the door and it is Louis. "Hi babe I brought you something."  "What" I say smiling. "Close your eyes and count to three" "okay." i do exactly what he says. "Open them" he says in a mistevious voice. I open my eyes and a twister is behind him yet it is silent. "LOUIS NO!!" The twister sucks up Louis and I turn around and my parents are gone too. "MOM DA-." I wake up and don't have tears on my cheeks this time. I don't move I just listen to whoever Louis is talking to. ''Shes in here.''   ''She is homeless.''  ''And your letting her come on tour with us?"  "Just be nice to her Liam." "Fine"  "good now be quiet she might wake up."  "and you care because."  "I really like her now shhhh!" I try to analyze what I just heard. TWENTY MINUTES LATER. Wake up Arianna. Louis says as he lightly pushes me. "im up Im up.'' I moan. ''We are leaving to go see my mates in ten minutes.'' Louis says kind of anxious. ''okay let me go change.'' I change into A pair knee-high socks and me black heeled boots. With a light pink crop top shirt. ''lets go'' i say as I walk out. ''okay.''  ''You look nice'' he says looking at my outfit. ''You do too'' I say smiling. We drive to a bowling place. ''I can't bowl" I say whining. "Good for you" he says mocking me. "Hey" I lightly slap him and we go in. We walk over to a group of four guys all attractive. This is Harry he says gesturing to the guy with light brown curly hair. ''Hi nice to meet you" I say shaking his hand. "This is Zayn." He has a nice looking hair style kind of like a fohawk but better looking. "This is Niall." He has blonde hair with brown going in. And he is Irish <3 ''And this is Liam.'' He has cute brown hair with a flip at the top. "Lets go bowl'' Niall shouts.

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