Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


25. Shopping


     As I walk out I hear Louis singing a tune. I might have to live on a tour bus with guys I barely know. I walk into Forever 21 and ask a worker if she could show me there dress section. ''Gladly'' she replies. ''Here you are'' she says pointing at a large selection of dresses. ''Thank you so much!'' i say happily. I find a cute "fit and flare" black dress with lace at the top almost twenty five dollars. ''I really like this one'' i whisper to myself. I go to the dressing room and try it on. ''Yea it fits'' I kind shout out loud. i take the dress off and wander around till I find the tights. I found these black ones with the same pattern of lace and grab it. All i need are shoes. I walk over to the shoe section witch was easy to find. I find these black ankle boots and find my size. i add all of the stuff and I come up with about forty bucks with tax. I decide to go ahead and get some girls shorts. (Which are really comfy) And ankle heeled tennis shoes that come with three pairs of knee high socks. I love knee high socks. I check out and the total comes to $51.63. Thank god I have extra change from when I got here. I pass her the money and she passes me the change. ''Thank you'' I say as I walk out.

     I rush back to the hotel room and notice a note on "my" bed. it reads: Hi Arianna it's Louis I just wanted to tell you I will pick you up at seven xoxo Louis. Wow already hugs and kisses. I check the clock and it reads 6:47 ''Crap!'' I shout and run into the bathroom to change. as I'm changing Someone walks in. ''Arianna.'' He says in his perfect British accent. I don't think I've ever really noticed it till now. ''Give me a minute'' I yell from the bathroom. ''Okay love!'' He shouts back. Does he always say love? I finish getting dressed and quickly brush my hair then walk out. He looks at me with wide eyes you look... ''Beautiful simply stunning.'' I blush. ''thank you'' I say shyly. I look at his outfit. Gray tuxedo light red tie, He is handsome. ''Nice outfit'' I say. ''But i like black tuxes better'' I say winking. ''Good to know.'' He says while putting his hand on my back guiding me towards the hallway. He takes me to a red catilac I think. ''Okay'' he helps me into the car and shuts the door. he puts a blindfold over my eyes and says it is a secret where I am taking you. ''Okay'' i say simply. It took around sixty to ninety minutes to get there and one of his albums was playing. ''We are here'' he says finally. ''Great get me out of here.''  ''okay'' he gets out and comes around the car and helps me out. ''Welcome to la caille.'' ''Whats that'' i ask. ''A french restaurant very fancy lets go.'' We walk into the restaurant ''it smells so good'' i say. ''Okay I hope you like it.''  ''I'll order the roasted parmesan chicken and escargot.'' I barely touch the snail and the waiter doesn't blame me. Me and Louis talked about random things and were a little to loud. After we were done we went back to the hotel and talked about touring.

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