Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


9. OMG

     As I walk out I see a bunch of girls a little younger then me screaming "OMG I LOVE I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!" I can't help but laugh. I look at my clothes and I'm disgusted. I walk to the closest clothing store. Forever 21? "Excuse me" I ask one of the workers. "Yes what do you need" she says then glances at my pajamas. "Do you need clothes?" She asks sweetly. "Yes please." I say as I rub my eyes,Without glasses. "Okay whats wrong with your "outfit" what did you do." She says curiously while walking down a step ladder. "Umm." i mumble." I kinda am from Ohio and I've been though allot, like a twister. And now i need clothes."  "Ohh I am so sorry. Where are your parents?" My eyes start to water "they are not with me any more."  "I am so sorry I asked." She says "How about 50% off anything you buy."  "Okay" i say while rubbing my eyes again.. I quickly grab a pair of jeans a t-shirt and a pajama dress that goes up to the lower thigh and a t-shirt. "I would like this."  i say smiling. "Okay that will be with the discount. $17.32."  "Okay" I grab my dads wallet and to my surprise there is a twenty. "Here." I say while passing the money. "Your change is $2.68."  "Thank you" I say and walk out the door.

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