Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


24. First dates part two


    "So... You can ask me now" she says smiling. I blush a little when she says that. "okay" i say breathing heavily. "Will you go on a date with me?"  "Ummm. No" she says bluntly. I look at her like seriously? "Just kidding Yes." I smile and I can't stop. "By the way if we want to date you are going to wanna travel across the country. With us."  "I'm broke so will one date be efficient?"  "No you are coming with us I'm not letting you sleep on the streets.''  "Sorry I don't feel comfortable on a bus with five boys."  "We also go on planes'' I say. ''I'm afraid of Heights''she says frowning. ''Well make up your mind after our date.''  ''Where do we go she'' says with a straight face. I get out my wallet and pass her fifty dollars. ''Why'' she says with her eyes wide. ''Buy a nice dress and some shoes.''  ''Because.'' She asks. ''I'm famous we need to go somewhere private and reserved.''  ''you sure'' she says tilting her head. ''Yes i'm famous.'' ''Best first date ever'' she says taking the fifty and stuffing it in her, my pants pocket. ''Bye'' she says hugging me one last time. ''Thanks'' she says as she leaves. ''Your wel-'' and shes gone. ''Wow'' I say falling on my bed while singing "Last first kiss" one of the songs on One directions albums.



*Last first kiss lyric video*





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