Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


23. First dates part one


     ''So you know how I told you about my parents.''  "Yeah" he says. "Well when every I fall asleep I have nightmares about how it happened but different like having to watch them die." My eyes fill with tears and I start to cry. "The reason I freaked out when you said Ari is because my dad used to call me Ari he always did. So please just call me Arianna." My tears are coming faster and faster and I bury my face in the pillow. "I know I'm a baby don't bring it up." I say whimpering  "Why would I call you a baby?" He asks with his voice full of sympathy. ''Because I can't stop crying right now.'' I wipe my eyes. ''Sing.''  "What?" he asks. "Singing it makes me feel better."  "What do you want me to sing?"  "Thinking of you by Katy Perry."  "Okay." he says questioningly. "When I'm with him i'm thinking of you. Thinking of you." Thats all i know he says. "It's okay I'm better now." I get up and hug him. "So..." I say. "You can ask me now." I say smiling.

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