Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


28. Bowling and skating.


     After I met the boys we started to bowl. They were all good and I suck. After I bowled for the third time I gave up and went to the other half of the bowling ally, which was a skating rink. I have a bit of experience so I thought this will be more fun. I walked to the skating rink and just walk over to get some skates. They were free and I was happy since I don't like spending money. It takes me about a decade to put on my skates and then I got up and skated to the rink. When I was little I wanted to be a famous Ice skater and win gold medals in the winter Olympics  so i can do some tricks. I went on the rink and started to twist and twirl and all that fun stuff. After about a half hour I decided to stop skating.

     I slipped on my shoes and noticed I forgot to return my bowling shoes. I rushed over to the girl  who helps with the shoes. I pass her the bowling shoes and she gets mine for me. "I love your shoes where did you get them?" She asks me in a eager sweet British voice.  "Ohh I got those at Forever 21" I tell her happily. "I want to go there!" She says looking at the stoned detail on the shoe. "Well she says handing me my shoes."  "I am Skyler."  "Hi I'm Arianna" I say while extending my hand to shake hers. "We should go shopping some time you have a great taste." She says while looking at her watch.

     "Totally I would love to!" I say happily. "Finally a friend."  "Me too!"  "This my second week here in Utah and I barely now my way around the corner!"  "Wow this is my third day" I reply. "Well my shift ends in five minutes Wanna go to a mall?" She asks. ''Sure let me go tell Louis." I say. "Who's Louis?" She asks in a some what phony voice. "One of the boys over there" I say while walking away. "Louis!'' I yell. What he says startled. "I'm gonna go to the mall bye" I say trailing off then walking away. "Wait" he says. But he's to late I'm gone.

     I go back to Skyler and tell her I'm ready to go. ''Let me go get the rest of my shift off I will be right back'' she says to me.


A/N sorry I didn't post in forever -Starlight32

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