Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


11. And you are?

     When I get into the hotel I run up to the guy holding my bag. I grab him by the shoulder and turn him around. When he sees me he backs away and says hi. "Give me my bag." I say sternly. "What ohh this is yours how did I get it?'  "You fell over on me and grabbed my bag and ran!" "Sorry'' he says then hands me my bag. I grab my bag and he puts his hand out. I just stare into his eyes. They are so pretty. "Umm" he says shaking his hand up and down. "Ohh" i say while shaking his hand. "Bye" i say turning around and walking away. I wish I had my glasses so I could have seen him better 

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